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Living in this era of development, things are bound to get hard to deal with. The world has an excessive amount of information, and almost everyone around the globe seems to want more. Most people are seen staying up late after work and school to feel a little control in their lives, leading to restless minds and bodies and no way to channel that into something useful.

However, I think it’s time we fall back into healthier practices to help cleanse our minds and bodies of the toxins that build up over time. Fall into things that help you relax.

Start A Sleeping Cycle

No matter what the new narrative in life may be, one thing that should remain consistent: a good night’s sleep. Nothing will rejuvenate you more than a good week of rest. Sleep is precious, and though it may seem satisfying when you stay up late and refuse to give your body rest to use your phone a little more, it is harmful shortly.

Sleep is your best friend, and once your body gets used to a healthy sleep pattern, it will thank you by performing better every single day of the week.

You are messing up your sleep cycle for a world that does not exist once the wifi is disconnected. You can always catch up on things that go around the next day or hear about the important stuff from your peers.

Detox From Your Phone

It might sound like I’m telling you to give up the world, but I’m honestly not. You need to realize the effect using your phone constantly has on you. The small screen causes you to waste hours and hours on end cluelessly scrolling through things you don’t even find funny.

A very small percentage may be a good amount of information you appreciate, and it takes around 10 seconds to share that with the world. After that, you should put your phone down and indulge yourself in something productive.

Read More

The more you know, the more you grow; this was a common phrase used to promote reading in young children. However, this habit is now far lost. There aren’t many children who appreciate a good book, let alone adults.

My book is a great read for people who grow out of their shells and realize how good life can be. Skimming The Surface can make you question how you live and help you understand the importance of breaking the monotony.

Be Physically Active

Being physically active does not imply that you start running 5kms every day or spend 4 hours in the gym. However, it does mean you should consider taking a stroll outside your house every other day. Let your body have some fresh air and let your muscles work. After a long and agonizing day of sitting in the same position, don’t go right into bed. Give your body a little push and make it tire itself out a little. Not only will this have your blood pumping, but it will also stabilize your mood and help you feel an adrenaline rush.




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