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Every living thing has blood. For plants it can be a different deal they have chlorophyll but again that also is referred to as plant blood. Doctors say that blood is a specialized body fluid.

It consists of a couple of things like erythrocytes (Red blood cells), leukocytes (White Blood Cells), plasma (this forms the liquid part of the blood), and platelets (this forms the coat of blood on a wound).

This important liquid performs a couple of crucial functions in our body each and every moment non-stop, and they are:

  • Getting oxygen to every cell

  • As we told you earlier, blocking off wounds by clotting prevents bacteria from coming in and extra blood from flowing out.

  • Leukocytes are very important, these fight off diseases

  • Cleansing of the blood

  • Maintaining the body temperature

An average male has around 6 liters of blood and a female has around 5 liters of blood. Blood makes up 8-9% of your total weight.

Is the child able to have a different blood type than both parents? Yes and no,
The blood group of your offspring will depend on both the partners’ blood types. Parents pass along one of their 2 alleles to make up their child's blood type.

Blood types and blood groups

According to the ABO system, there are 4 main types of blood groups and they are:

  1. A: has only the A antigen on red cells; antibody B in plasma

  2. B: Group B has only the B antigen on red cells; antibody A in Plasma 

  3. AB: Group AB has both A and B antigens on red cells; Neither antibody in plasma

  4. O: Group O has neither A nor B antigens on red cells; both antibody A and B in Plasma

Rh factor

Doctors at Redcliffe Life diagnostics 

say that RBC’s a lot of times have another antigen, a protein called the ‘RhD antigen’. If this is present, your blood group is ‘RhD positive’. If it is not present then your blood group is ‘RhD negative’.

In some people, there is some other type of antigen in their red blood cells. This is a protein known as the RhD antigen. In cases where this antigen is found, it is called ‘Rhd positive’ and on the other hand, ‘Rhd Negative’ is used when this antigen is absent.

According to research done in December 2018, after studying the data of 1.4 lakh people around 92-94% were ‘RhD positive’, and only a rare no. of people around 6% were ‘RhD negative’.

Blood groups when combined with the Rh factor come up to be 8 in total and they are as follows:

  1. A positive

  2. A negative

  3. B positive

  4. B negative

  5. AB positive 

  6. AB negative

  7. O positive 

  8. O negative

Some facts about blood types :

  • O negative blood can be used in transfusion for any blood type! And the people who have O- blood type are called ‘Universal donors’

  • People with O blood type have the lowest risk for heart disease

  • Studies say that people with AB have a higher risk for Cancer

  • People with A-type blood have difficulty handling stress

What can your blood indicate about your body?

Your blood can tell a lot of things about your body a simple blood test can tell you if you have:

  • Diabetes: It is a condition in which your body that is diagnosed when you have high levels of blood sugar

  • High Cholesterol: Here the blood in your body has high levels of cholesterol.

  • Kidney disease: here the kidneys do not function properly and hence are not able to filter the urine and the blood properly.

  • Liver disease: There is no specific symptom but liver disease starts off in stages. These stages are inflammation, fibrosis, and end-stage liver disease.

  • Leukemia: It is the cancer of the blood making tissue in the body

  • Myeloma: Also known as Kahler's disease is cancer that develops in the white blood cells

  • Lymphoma: it’s cancer that starts in the bacteria and infection-fighting cells

Where to get a blood test?

You should consult a doctor at Redcliffe Life Diagnostics for an Advance full body health checkup 

where they have all the advanced equipment needed to give you a precise and timely result. This test consists of a complete hemogram that is the study and diagnosis of blood for diseases and infections.

Diseases like Diabetes, Blood cancer, Cholesterol, etc.


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