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Hair transplant in Gurgaon is widely available and popular, due to modern lifestyle of the so-called millennium city which offers a high fashion sense and cosmetic awareness amongst men and women in the city. Gurgaon or Gurugram is often referred to as Millennium city due to it being relatively advanced than most parts of the county. Pace of life is fairly fast in Gurgaon with most of the corporates located in the city and the city just never sleeps. Hence, to deal with hair loss, there is always a high demand of a procedure that needs low maintenance, can offer better aesthetics, where post treatment period to get back to work is shorter and results are natural looking. Answer is one: Hair transplant. The point however, is how to choose the best hair transplant doctor in Gurgaon.

There are several centres or clinics that offer hair transplantation is Gurgaon but none of these clinics is well known or established. The results delivered by such clinics are really average. However, a brilliant option is to travel to nearby centres in Delhi and Jaipur, both of which are home to some of the best hair transplant doctors in India. One of the most famous names is of Dr. Suneet Soni, the owner of Medispa Hair transplant clinic. Dr. Suneet Soni (MCh, MS, MBBS) is a super specialized plastic surgeon who is a celebrated doctor in this field not only domestically but internationally as well. He has received several international as well as domestic awards for his outstanding contribution to the field.

Medispa has committed itself to deliver excellent results to every patient and has maintained strong focus on personalized treatment methodology. The experts perform a thorough diagnosis and then devise the best treatment for patient’s hair loss.

This article aims to help you with some factors to consider before choosing any doctor for your hair transplant treatment, some of the factors are as below:

  • Focus on the credentials of the surgeon: The surgeon should be a super specialized surgeon who has a strong academic background and necessary accreditations to perform such treatment. This is because with a super specialized background, one can be assured that the doctor has spent a reasonable amount of time in understanding the working knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Experience level of the doctor indicates how many surgeries he/she has performed and what grades of baldness has he/she treated. This is also crucial in order to have a sensible treatment planning keeping in mind the various nuances of hair transplant. An experienced doctor will always place utmost care on the quality of results and safety of the patient. He/she will offer genuine medical advice and be transparent in his/her communication.
  • Reputation: In the times of internet resources, any form of reputation whether good or bad spreads like wild fire. Hence, always prefer to choose a doctor whose reputation is good. Try to verify doctor’s patient’s gallery (before and after treatment) or communicate directly with past patients.
  • Affordability of treatment: A good doctor will always try to make the treatment affordable for you while keeping a strict check on the quality of results. He/she will not push the treatment on you and not especially on price points.A good doctor will counsel you, educate you about the procedure, help you discuss with past patients, make up your mind and then would leave the decision to undergo the procedure on you. In order to enhance his/her results, a good doctor will leverage technology and would be pro-active in adopting better techniques or technology.
  • Job vs own practice: A very good doctor might not be able to deliver quite well in a corporate owned clinic because of target pressures and due to less independence in decision making offered to the doctor. As a result, doctor turnover is also very high in such clinics and which could be frustrating for the patients since, it hampers the continuity of treatment. Whereas a doctor who is in his/her own practice would always try to walk an extra mile in serving the patient because he/she is directly and independently dealing with the patient.
  • Protocols and Team: Any good doctor shall understand the importance of protocols and procedures in order to ensure safety and better results. A well trained support team is also vital in order to support the surgeon effectively.

If you are planning or looking out for hair transplant in Gurgaon, it is thus, advisable to travel to Delhi or Jaipur and realise the difference in the results of hair transplant by interacting with past patients. In this regard, try Medispa Hair transplant clinic which is so sure about its treatment quality that they can readily offer you to contact their past patients and know the feedback for yourself.


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