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Many images of monarchy, adventures, hospitality and other things come to mind while thinking of Jaipur, the pink jewel in the crown of “Rajasthan.” In Jaipur, there are numerous activities that draw in large numbers of visitors, keep them on their toes, and seduce them with incredible surprises.

Everything in Jaipur is magical, whether you're visiting the city's sights, enjoying delicious Rajasthani cuisine, absorbing the lively culture, or shopping.

Explore areas outside of the royal palaces, engage in an adventure activity, or see puppet plays to experience the histories of kings and queens.

Even if the city has a lot to offer, these few unusual attractions can let your vacation to Jaipur stand out. It makes sense that the city, together with Delhi and Agra, is a key component of the popular Golden Triangle tourist route.

Marvel the sunset from the Jal Mahal.
The Jal Mahal is one of the top attractions in Jaipur since it appears to be floating in the lake. The palace, a magnificent reminder of the royal lineage, emits an unfathomable beauty.

Additionally, the one-of-a-kind palace in Jaipur draws notice with its exceptional architectural design. Take a boat ride as you take in the breathtaking sunset views. You'll want to come back again because of the happiness.

Ideal time frame: 1-2 hours

Although it is possible to visit the palace in the morning, the finest time to see Jal Mahal is in the evening. There are two factors that contribute to this: the palace is illuminated at night, and you

Travel to Nahargarh Fort on a cycle

Bicycle to the Nahargarh Fort and follow the intriguing trail. One excursion you really must not miss is cycling in Jaipur. As the journey continues, it becomes connected with something eerie, which instantly increases the pleasure factor. You have the opportunity to make your vacation to Jaipur special in addition to hearing the fort's mythology. It is one of the top things to do in Jaipur, so it makes sense.

Ideal Length: 2 to 3 hours

Best time to visit: The morning is the best time to see Nahargarh Fort. To enjoy high tea, you can stay there until the early hours of the evening.

Ride on an elephant to Amer Fort

An elephant ride at Amer Fort stands out among the other captivating things to do in Jaipur. The fort has a stunning appearance with its massive entrances and paved roadway. The fort is a must-visit location in Jaipur with your family because a light show is held here every evening. You receive the royal treatment you so richly deserve while travelling on the back of an elephant.
Ideal Time: 2 to 3 hours
The optimum time to visit Amber Fort is between the hours of 4 and 6 in the evening. You are mesmerised by the nicest views and sounds when you visit the fort, especially between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

Treat your taste buds to scrumptious Rajasthani cuisines

All foodies are drawn to the exquisite flavours of the distinctive Rajasthani cuisine. The delectable cuisines make you drool all over again because they were prepared with passion and love utilising hand-picked spices. To take full advantage of treats like Laal Maas, Mirchi Bada, Dal-batti-churma, etc., schedule your vacation for the winter. You can also fill up on international cuisine, drinks like lassi, and sweets like ghevar in addition to these. One of the best things to do in Jaipur is undoubtedly tasting these mouthwatering delicacies.

Ideal Time: It should only take 3 to 4 hours, but depending on your cravings, you can make it last all day.
The ideal time to do a cuisine tour in Jaipur is: In Jaipur, you can take a food tasting trip in the morning or the evening. However, it is advised that you begin your trip at 5:00 o'clock.

Experience the vibrant Rajasthani culture at Chokhi Dhani

Enjoy a boat ride, Rajasthani folk performances, magic acts, puppet shows, acrobatics, and elephant or camel rides, all in an exhilarating setting. To put it another way, Chokhi Dhani succinctly captures the simple rural life of the “Royal Land.” The luxurious heritage resort, regarded as one of the best locations to visit in Rajasthan, spoils you with first-rate service. Traditional huts with a rustic atmosphere that are unique and enchant you are another one of the remarkable attraction.
5 to 6 hours is ideal.
Best time to go: Chokhi Dhani is open every hour of the day. But at night, the location appears even more alluring.

Undoubtedly, one of the best things to do in Jaipur is to party all night. Dance to hip-hop music, enjoy a variety of beverages, and feast on mouthwatering food. You also get an opportunity to check out hotels, rooftop bars, nightclubs, and other places. Over the past few years, Jaipur's nightlife has grown significantly. As a result, it currently exceeds tourists' expectations and keeps them on their toes.

Visit the Jaipur bazaars to go shopping
The vibrant markets of Jaipur are a shopaholic's dream, filled with a wide variety of handcrafted goods. Bring home a bag full of traditional and genuine Rajasthani jewellery to round off your trip to Jaipur. Additionally, you can shop for Jaipuri bedsheets, outfits, diamonds, and mojari shoes. Due to the pleasant weather in the winter, shopping is unquestionably the best activity for girls to do in Jaipur.

At the Jaipur Literature Festival, engage in “Lit Hopping”
The Jaipur Literature Festival will definitely interest you if forts and palaces aren't your things. The fiesta, one of the largest literary events in India, is equally entertaining as the majority of the must-see attractions in Jaipur. Attend the literary “Kumbh Mela” to hear your favourite speaker or to meet well-known authors. Every year, in either December or January, the “Pink City” organises the gala. Because of this, winter is the ideal time to visit Jaipur.
Ideal time frame: four days
The festival runs a variety of programmes from 9:15 am and 6:15 pm. It is, therefore, preferable to attend the festival during these times.

Take a hot air balloon ride to get high.
You won't regret including this on your bucket list as the top attraction in Jaipur. You will be speechless as you softly fly over Jaipur's top sights and get a bird's-eye view of them. Most importantly, you will be awestruck by some of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset views you have ever seen. Bring forth your inner explorer and take your loved ones along for the amazing joyride.
Ideal time frame: one hour
The rides are often offered two hours before sunrise and two hours after sunset. Consequently, now is the ideal time to enjoy the journey.

Enjoy a Camels Safari.
In Jaipur, a camel safari is more than just a ride—it's a once-in-a-lifetime event. The ride not only entices you with night camping but also lets you explore the city's more rural sections.
The activity allows you to fully experience Rajasthan's vast deserts, which are considered one of the top tourist destinations to visit. Once the safari is over, spend some time stargazing and watch the evening develop into a special occasion.

Best Time Frame: 7 Hours to 4 Days
The best time to go on a camel safari is at any time during the day. Therefore, you can enjoy the ride whenever you like.

Drive a Jeep through Jaipur's tourism attractions.

Go on a Jeep safari to satisfy your inner daredevil! The journey, which covers nearly all of the sites, is perfect for tourists who want to tour the entire city in a single day. One of the enjoyable things to do in Jaipur is to have a jeep ride.

While travelling through the forests, you will see panthers, deer, peacocks, and other animal species. As you travel through the picturesque and peaceful countryside, be ready to go on an adventure.

Ideal timeframe: three hours
The best time for a jeep safari is at night, while both days and nights are acceptable for conducting jeep safaris.

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