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Real estate is your passion, which is why it is your profession. You might be feeling confused and nervous as a new real estate agent. 


After all, you are only another addition to the ocean of real estate agents. It is why nurturing your profile is crucial.


If you have completed all your professional education (training, courses) and have gotten your license, then it's the perfect time to start building your success as a real estate agent.


We have a checklist for you that includes everything new real estate agents should remember. Let's dive in:

1- Look for A Brokerage Agency You Can Trust

Finding a brokerage company where people have a work-life balance will help you stay sane. If a brokerage is the cheapest local company but has toxic work culture and people, don’t work with it.


Any brokerage can help you get short-term and quick success. But, only a reputable brokerage agency will support you as a beginner and in your career in the long term.

2- Make A Business Plan

Are you employed at a company as a real estate agent? If not, you are running a business, and every business needs a robust plan.


You need to set a budget for each aspect of your business (marketing, finances, etc.). Your business plan should include all steps of the execution of your business.

Will you work full-time or part-time? Work from home or office? Will you work the Morning or evening shift? What will be your primary marketing venues? How many listings will you have? Who will supply you with scanners, printers, and other essentials? 

3- Communicate Your Vision and Passion to Your Loved Ones

Ask entrepreneurs, and most of them will tell you that their first customers were among their friends, family, and colleagues.


Do people in your circle know you are a new real estate agent? If not, then go out and tell them. 

Suppose someone you know is looking for an affordable flat in Ajman. They might become your lead if you tell them about your business when they need it.


People often know they will buy a house or property in six months or a year. So, it's crucial to market your business when you meet anyone. Who knows, they might become your customers one day!

4-  Have Printed Material and Pictures Ready

If someone visits your office to get information, you need to give them material so that they remember your business. Giving out your business card isn't enough.


Write a document and include all the details of your listings, such as sales prices, new upgrades or renovations, measurements of rooms, nature of the property (off-plan or ready-to-move-in), floor plans, number of rooms, and other vital information.

Secondly, hire a good photographer to take numerous attractive photos of your properties from inside and outside. Add both and offer every visitor this packet to leave a good impression.

5- Craft Your Mission Statement and Cultivate Your Branding 

What are the mission of your real estate business and its brand values? Work on transforming your business into a brand.


When a client approaches you, how would you define your services? Prepare in advance so you don't babble in front of potential customers.


A lead would ask you what you sell — luxury properties, waterfront villas, or flats in Ajman. You should be able to convince them that you are the best real estate agent for whatever you sell.

6- Market Your Services

People will not knock on your door if they need to sell or buy a property. Marketing is the key. Talk to the landlords in your area and ask about prices and demand. Keep an eye out for potential opportunities. 


You can go door to door as someone who can help buy or sell a house in the neighborhood. It will build their trust in you if you live in the same area.

Hand out brochures and mail postcards to promote yourself as a property agent and put up signposts in the area. 


7- Make A Website and Social Media Profiles

An attractive and functional website is critical for every business these days. Professionals can help you in designing and developing your website. 


Carve out some time to create social media accounts for your real estate business. Most customers search online when they want to buy or sell a home. Work on optimizing your website for search engines. 


People will approach you through your site and socials with little effort on your part. A digital presence also boosts your credibility and traffic.

Bottom Line


In the beginning, real estate professionals have to work hard, often overtime, but they don't get paid for their working hours.


They have to make sales to get their commission. So, it's exhausting at the start as no one stays happy working without paychecks.


Consistency and belief in yourself are critical. You should promote your services to your sphere of influence, network with new people, and develop your brand.


With hard work and patience, you will start getting clients and moving forward with your career.



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