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There are many reasons you might be thinking about selling your home, whether it's because you're moving to a new city, downscaling a condo, or want to tap into the equity of your home. But if you're going to sell your property quickly, you can go for selling your house for cash.

It's important to remember that selling your house for cash in Brooklyn is a good strategy if you want a quick selling process. You do not have to pay a commission fee to any agent because the process is simplified. You will receive an offer for your home “as is.” If you accept the offer, you will get your cash within a few days.

What is a cash offer?

A cash offer occurs when a potential buyer bids with all-cash, meaning no mortgage or other fund linking a mortgage lender. These offers can be more attractive to sellers because there is no risk of the buyer falling off the mortgage loan. All-cash offers also have early closing dates because there is no waiting for the mortgage financing process to end. To sell property fast in Brooklyn, accepting a cash offer can benefit you as the whole process takes less time to close the deal.

Who buys houses for cash?

Many types of home buyers can bid on your home with a cash offer. Here are some specific cash home buyers you'll see:

Buyers looking to stand out

Homebuyers looking to buy a home can bid with a cash offer to participate in a competition. This is more common in the seller's market, where there will be more buyers than available homes, and bidding battles are more likely to occur.

Cash for homes companies

Often you will see companies advertising around the locality that they will buy your home for cash in Brooklyn. Typically, home buying companies target property owners who need to sell their homes instantly for financial reasons. If you want to sell your home to a home buying company for cash, note that you may only get 50-70% of the actual value of your home.

House flippers

If your home needs some repair or may have few damages, you may get a cash offer from house flippers. House flippers will buy your home as it is, fix it up, and usually resell it for a big profit. Like cash for home companies, house flippers can offer less than your home's actual value. Many house flippers follow the 70% rule, which means they cannot give you more than 70% of the post-repair value of your home.


iBuyer means an instant buyer, and it is a real estate company that directly buys your property. To sell your home to an iBuyer, you need to request an offer directly from the company. Once you receive and accept their offer, you can usually close the deal in under three months. An iBuyer's cash offer on your home is typically based on a home appraisal tool. These tools approximate the value of your home based on the details and information you give and the recently sold properties in your locality. iBuyers often charge a convenience fee to sell your property fast in Brooklyn, so your final payment may be less than the early offer amount.


Real estate investors can bid with cash to convert your home into an investment or rental property. However, if you sell your property to a foreign investor for cash, you may not be able to close the deal fast. It may take additional time for a non-US citizen to complete and close the process for multiple reasons. Most of the property investors in New York also buy foreclosure houses for sale in NYC.

Important Benefits of accepting a cash offer 

Less risk: While selling your home to a buyer for cash, there is a low risk of the buyer's financing falling out.

Fewer contingencies: In a cash offer, there is expected to be less contingency. Notably, homebuyers will not require a mortgage contingency.

No appraisals: Generally, a home appraisal is always required before a mortgage loan is approved. There is no mortgage process in cash offers; therefore, an appraisal is not always demanded.


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