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In Vitro Fertilization becomes the most effective solution when all other traditional treatment forms fail to help couples become parents. Several fertility centers in Miami have offered this treatment over the last few decades. But, for the best results, it is recommended to choose the most reputed one. Go through this article to know some critical points regarding receiving IVF treatment.

What Is IVF?

The meaning of ‘in Vitro' is outside of the body. In this method of assisted reproduction, a woman's egg is combined with a man's sperm in a laboratory dish. Here, appropriate medications maximize the follicle formation in a woman's ovary. Each follicle contains an egg.

How Is the Whole Procedure Carried Out?

The whole procedure is carried out through the following steps.

  • The doctors monitor the ova maturation process with blood tests for sonograms and estradiol, the estrogen found in the developing egg.
  • Once the desired blood estradiol levels and ideal follicle sizes are achieved, doctors use hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to stimulate the final egg and follicle development.
  • Transvaginal oocyte aspiration is conducted about 35 hours later, before the expected time of ovulation. While ultrasonography is a usual procedure, laparoscopy is also chosen.
  • Once the eggs are identified, they are combined with the man's sperm in the laboratory. Doctors use a high-powered microscope to check for fertilization signs.
  • Embryos in the developmental stage are kept in a controlled in vitro system. If fertilization occurs, doctors place the resulting embryo in a woman's uterus 3-5 days later.

Who Can Use IVF to Become Parents?

The IVF treatment was initially developed for patients having severely damaged or absent fallopian tubes. However, at a fertility center in Miami, patients having the following conditions also come for receiving IVF treatments.

  • Endometriosis
  • Abnormal sperm function
  • Oligospermia or low sperm count
  • Long-term infertility with an unknown origin

What Are the Factors Success of IVF Depends on?

The success of an IVF treatment depends on several factors, of which the most crucial is the age of the woman. For women with a different age range, the pregnancy rate is different.

  • It is 20-25% per cycle per month when they are in their early 30s.
  • However, it significantly reduces to about 5% when they reach their early 40s. The main reason is that the quality of eggs declines at this age, and chromosomal abnormalities increase.

Another crucial factor, in this case, is the percent of FET (frozen embryo cycles) that leads to a pregnancy. Here women get extra chances to become pregnant with the help of extra embryos generated during the fresh cycles.

Ending Note

Top-rated fertility centers have branches across Florida. So, you can also visit a fertility center in Naples to receive the best treatment. Because highly qualified doctors work here with the latest technologies, your overall chance of becoming pregnant will be much higher.


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