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A classic bride's first choice of engagement ring is a solitaire setting ring. This is indeed a classic style of ring that has never lost its charm since its inception. It is also a bestseller among bridal jewelry in NYC. To look impeccable on your special day this ring will make a moon to the occasion. So do you want to know more about these rings?


What are Solitaire Rings?


It is a traditional kind of engagement ring design that has only one highlight; “the center Diamond” which works just right. Solitaire rings beat styles currently on the trend board despite being simple and minimalistic.


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What Does A Solitaire Ring Consist Of?


It is a ring that only consists of one diamond which is placed in the center of the band.

No extra gemstones or diamonds are attached to any part of the ring. The band of the ring is always plain and has no pave or semi-pave band.

The design of the ring is so beautiful that people presume to think of it to be a classic. It is a very old design dating back to Roman times when uncut and raw jewelry was in trend.


Now that you are aware of the ring setting and band types suiting you the best, you might be interested in knowing.


Things To Consider In A Solitaire Ring: 


It is not about getting a solitaire ring but there are many things that you should

consider while shopping for this ring as follows:


  • If you are going for a solitaire diamond wedding bands in NYC then you must make sure that the precious stone of your ring is true to its pricing. Often diamonds look very bright and beautiful but there is a high chance that they might be fake.


  • The beauty of the ring comes from the cut of the diamond and in the case of a solitaire ring, the only attraction is the center diamond. The solitaire ring is simple and that is the reason that its diamond cut is very important. The shape and cut of the diamond must complement the band of the ring.


  • The factor that puts solitaire style in the best engagement ring is because of its simple band. It has always been simple and that is why it is called a solitaire ring that consists of a  plain metal band with one center of New York diamonds. Any addition such as a diamond or milgrain effect on the band will change it.


  • You can always add glamor to your solitaire ring without even spoiling its elegant beauty. Stackable bands are a great way to add more character to a ring and level up the styling game. These stackable bands come in many different styles and you can choose which goes with your taste.


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Pros And Cons Of Solitaire Ring: 


Most things about the solitaire diamond ring are good. The best part about this ring is its simplicity which makes it special. Anyone can adorn this ring and look beautiful because this ring is very effortless.

The only thing that people find in the ring to be a setback is a lack of character. Since it is simple it does not complement distinctively.


By now you might have imagined yourself wearing the beautiful ring and might be interested in knowing the 


Tips To Maintain Your Solitaire Ring:


Not many jewelry repair services are required to keep it like new. Avoid wearing it during physical activities and swimming in specific. Also, getting a basic clean from a professional every few months will do just fine. 


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