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Things To Know About Weft Hair Extensions 

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Let's face it: We all aspire to have luscious, mermaid-like hair that cascades down our backs and makes us look like characters from a Disney fairy tale. As is the case with me, it's possible that you weren't born with naturally long, thick hair. Fortunately, there are several ways to make our hair appear longer and fuller in our lifetime quests. 

There are so many options for hair extensions that it can be difficult to sort through them all. black ponytail extension come in a variety of forms.  

What Is The Difference Between These?  

Have trouble deciding on your hair extension options? Don't worry!  

We are here to tell you why weft is the best option for your hairstyle needs. Begin with the fundamentals. 

Weft Hair Extensions – What Are They? 

Beaded weft hair extensions are made of real human hair that is sewed onto a horizontal strip, or “weft,” either by hand or machine. Hairdressers then weave these extensions into the natural hair by joining a tiny section of the extension's strands with small bits of the natural hair and securing the bead at the roots, as shown in this photo. The procedure is relatively painless and often takes less than an hour.  Weft hair extensions can be left in for up to a year before they need to be removed. Although, depending on how quickly your hair grows, the extensions will need to be pushed up every 6-8 weeks. As opposed to other types, weft hair extensions keep the hair from tangling, which saves you time and effort when styling and brushing. The beads on the weft match your hair's natural color, making it easy to blend the extensions in. Each bead comprises silicone, which is designed to protect both your hair and your extensions. 

Comparing WEFT To Other Types Of Add-Ons. 

As long as it's applied by the team of highly-trained and talented specialists (and who isn't?), weft hair extensions can be a beautiful, non-invasive solution for those wishing to add volume and thickness to their hair. For those who are undecided, here are a couple of our favorite thickening products: 

Clip-in extensions are an excellent solution to get longer and fuller hair without making your hair permanently thicker.  They may be readily attached to the roots of strands, allowing for a more voluminous and longer-looking hairstyle. Clip-in hair extensions are available in various lengths and widths, which are referred to as wefts. Extendable hair can be purchased pre-colored or tinted to match your hair color. Shortly after that, they're clipped into place to provide a temporary style that's similar to more permanent options. 

For those who are new to extensions and don't want to commit to a long-term solution, clip-in hair extensions are a terrific choice to consider. They are re-usable, easy to clip in and out and give the appearance of fuller, longer hair. 

Cons: Improperly put clip-in extensions might tear hair out of the scalp. As a result, wearing them frequently is discouraged. 

Real hair is pre-taped together and then taped to either side of your natural hair for the tape-in hair extension option.  

Tape-ins can be performed in a DIY fashion. Still, it's usually best done by a professional because the tape or glue needs to be precisely aligned with the roots of the natural hair and then applied with a heated instrument so that the tape or glue heats up and connects the strands.  

If you want to remove them, you'll need to use a glue remover to do so and then put them back in place. An advantage to using tape in extensions is that you may fully commit to a specific hairdo with this method. They are termed “semi-permanent,” meaning they last roughly 8-10 weeks. Using and removing tape-in hair extensions can harm your hair, as can any heat instrument or treatment. 




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