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Things to look for while choosing a good CBSE school

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The CBSE Board is a progressive, child-centric Board with its focus on the all-round development of the students. What are the factors that a parent needs to look out for when choosing a good CBSE school for their child? 

A good CBSE school should have the following skill subjects to enhance the multidisciplinary approach in teaching-learning and to sensitize the new generation:

  1.  Life skill education- It aims to mobilize a behavior development approach through adequate delivery of content addressing information, attitudes and value-enhanced life skills. The core life skills are:
  1. Social awareness- It is an element that helps the students to develop many skills and understands their role in society. It’s the combination of emotional intelligence and cultural proficiency. CBSE schools understand the requirement for social awareness and therefore implement it by conducting numerous activities for students.
  2. Empathy- Most of the CBSE schools teach empathy to children at school as a compulsory subject. This makes them compete with themselves rather than with other students. Teaching empathy also helps children to concentrate on collective goals, bully less and be better leaders. The basic concept is to let the students express their problems and arrive at a solution along with the teacher and others in the class.
  3. Creative Thinking- This practice aims at empowering teachers to ask queries connected to a real-life situation and build curiosity among students, facilitate discussions to build collaboration and problem-solving skills and engage parents and the community at large in the students' learning method.
  1. Robotics- The introduction of robotics in schools, is helpful on multiple fronts.  Schools are startlingly resistant to change, despite being centres of learning and education. Nowadays, schools are largely dependent on teacher-led instruction despite the demonstrated benefits of practical learning. However, with rising awareness, schools are making headway in adopting and introducing new courses such as robotics.
  2. Artificial intelligence– AI has gained prominence and is being used almost everywhere over the last few years. The AI program is structured for students consisting of base strands of information (basics, history, applications), skills (design thinking, data fluency, critical thinking). The course has been made robust with problem-based learning outcomes and assessment methods for teachers to create foundational skills of AI in students. The concept is to train students with the fundamentals of AI.

A school is as good as its faculty and therefore, choosing a school that has well qualified and dedicated, long-serving teaching staff should be amongst top priority.

Education is not only about academics but also about holistic development in terms of uncovering talents, honing leadership qualities and imparting 21st-century skills. Therefore, a school that includes co and extracurricular activities in its daily routine is the one that parents should focus on.

Children need a safe and comfortable environment to blossom and flourish. Big, airy classrooms, clean washrooms, a green campus, ample sports facilities, a well-equipped canteen, good security systems and well-stocked libraries and laboratories are amongst other requirements that parents must definitely look for.

The school must have a well maintained and efficiently run transport system which would ensure a safe and comfortable commute to and from the school. The location of the school will be of importance here as school transport facilities are generally extended up to a certain distance.



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