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Things to remember while buying Outdoor Roller Skates

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Roller skating is a great sport and fun leisure activity. While many skaters prefer going to the rink to skate, the outdoors is more appealing to others. But before you go skating outdoors, here are some important things to consider while picking out the right pair of outdoor roller skates

Step 1

There are a variety of outdoor skates available but here are some tips to find the right one for you. 

  • The outdoor skates function well with wheels specifically designed for outdoor skating. 
  • Outdoors skating involves skating on pavements, sidewalks, or curved concrete platforms. Since these are rough surfaces, make sure that your skates can run smoothly on these surfaces. 
  • Your outdoor skates should have quality bearings along with stable boots suitable to work on rough and uneven surfaces outdoors.

Step 2

 You also need to select between quad roller skates and inline roller skates. Both of these skates have their own pros and cons.

Outdoor quad roller skates

Quad skates are well-suited for skating at the rink. Most skaters prefer them for outdoor skating as they already have experience in these pairs. The quad roller skates have 4 wheels, and they offer the skater a better balance. Unlike the other pair of skates, these are easy to pull a brake on outdoors, which makes them stable for skating. Quad skates made up of high-quality material are suitable for rolling on rough surfaces like concrete, sidewalks, roads, pavements, and so on. Instead of purchasing a new pair for outdoor roller skating, skaters can swap the wheels and bearing of their old indoor rink skates with relevant bearing and wheels appropriate for the outdoor skates.

Outdoor inline roller skates

There are some roller skaters who prefer inline skates over quad ones. These are designed to create less friction on the surface, which makes them faster for skating outdoors. They are compatible for wearing while roller skating on uneven roads, rough pavements, dirt trails, asphalt, etc. Skaters can also use these pairs in indoor rinks without changing any part. Many people might find it harder to learn inline skating due to its setup, and it is a bit harder to hit the brakes on them.

Step 3

Once you have decided your preference for skates, it is vital to learn the following-

Diameter– It refers to the height of the wheel. The average diameter range for quad wheels is from 58mm to 65mm, and that for inline skates is from 68mm and 110mm.

Durometer– It refers to the hardness of the wheel, 74A being the lowest and 106A being the highest. A softer wheel (74A) means more friction which reduces the speed, whereas a harder wheel (106A) means less friction and a fast skating face.

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