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Even if you’re using your iPhone, you can still manage and track a lot of things by using your Apple Watch GPS model. Indeed, to access an Apple Watch, you must pair it with an iPhone, but once it’s connected, you can access several apps and perform fitness activities. After pairing the Apple Watch with iPhone, it syncs several types of data, including Health app, Music, Podcasts, Time, Apple Pay, and many more. Even if your iPhone is turned off, you can still access plenty of features through the Wi-Fi network.

Apple Watch comes in two variants GPS and Cellular. In GPS Apple Watch, you can’t register your contact number but can receive calls and message alerts if your paired device is in range. On the other hand, you can register your contact number on Cellular Apple Watch and can receive calls and get message alerts even if your paired device is switched off. If you don’t know much about your GPS Apple Watch, here are the things that you can do with it.

Things You Can Do with Your Apple Watch GPS-only

Shows Time

Well, it’s the basic feature of every watch, and you have it on Apple Watch too. What’s great about Apple Watch is that you can see time just by raising your wrist to your face. Even if you’re not close to your iPhone or any paired device, you can check the time. Plus, you can set alarms, use Timer and Stopwatch as well.

Workout and Activity Tracker

Indeed, every Apple Watch has fitness and activity tracker that can work even if the user isn’t close to their iPhone or whatever paired device. Your Apple Watch tracks your steps, blood oxygen quantity, calories, heart rate, sit and stand ratio, and more health-related things. It records your health data daily and can keep it stored for at least 30 days. You can sync the same data to your iPhone by adding both of the devices through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

Use Apple Pay

You can make payments through your Apple Watch using Apple Pay. If you don’t have cash or don’t have your iPhone to make payments, you can use Apple pay to send and receive payments. You can save your cards on Apple Wallet, which certainly appears as a token on Apple Watch. Before using Apple Pay on Apple Watch, make sure you add the details of cards on the Apple Watch, including boarding passes, gift cards, and debit/credit cards.

View Photos

Indeed, the Apple Watch has a small display, but you can view photos in it. Viewing photos on Apple Watch is never a good option, but in case it’s urgent, you can open the Photos app and view photos in it. Remember that you can only sync one album on your Apple Watch with 500 photos.

Use of Apple Watch with Wi-Fi Network

Even if you don’t have your iPhone near your Apple Watch, you can still get the most out of it. You can connect your GPS Apple Watch with a Wi-Fi network and access several features like Siri, weather updates, HomeKit accessories, and many more.

Use Siri

You can use Siri when you are connected to the internet, and things are the same in the GPS Apple Watch. Connect your Apple Watch with a Wi-Fi network and do tasks like setting up an alarm, send a message on iMessage, and much more.

Send Messages and Make Calls

Well, to make calls and send messages on GPS Apple Watch, you must keep it connected to Wi-Fi. You send and receive messages on iMessages and SMS, plus you can receive and make calls.

Check Stocks and Weather

People that are into the stock market field can check share prices and conditions even if their iPhone is not close to them. Apple Watch has a Stock and Weather app that works on the internet. You can get the latest forecast update and stock market of your favorite companies.

Set Reminders

Well, you can open the Reminder app and set your preferred reminder, but if you’re connected with the internet, you can just start Siri and say, Hey Siri, remind me to go shopping at 5 AM.

Stream Music and Podcasts

Basically, you don’t keep a lot of downloaded stuff on your Apple Watch, which is why you must stream music and podcasts if you wish to listen to them. Once you pair your iPhone with Apple Watch, your music playlist sync as well, and you can play them through Wi-Fi. In the same way, you can hear podcasts as well.


There are very few differences between Apple Watch GPS and Cellular. Indeed, users can call and send texts without a Wi-Fi network in Cellular Apple Watch, but mostly it can be accessed in GPS Apple Watch too if the paired device is close. Both GPS and Cellular versions of the Apple Watch work perfectly.

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