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6 Surprising Facts About Breastfeeding

Don’t eat like a dietitian: You don’t need to eat like a dietitian when your baby depends on your breast milk only. You must add 500 calories to your daily meal in order to produce a good quality and quantity of milk. You need to make those calories count for the sake of your baby. You can eat multigrain, vegetables, fruits, and foods that contain a lot of calcium and vitamins. Breast milk is always rich in calcium, and if you don’t consume calcium, then your body will use your own calcium. That will be harmful to your health and you will face a calcium deficiency.

Facts About Breastfeeding Parents

Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories, which is about 400 to 600 a day, and hence you feel hungry all day. This also makes your brain happier as it releases oxytocin and prolactin. It has also been analyzed that parents that are successfully breastfeeding are less likely to be diagnosed with postpartum depression. One of the major benefits of breastfeeding is that you have a lower chance of having breast cancer. At Diva Hospital, we are going to support you by giving personalized training at the doorstep, breastfeeding classes, teleconsultation, video, literature, etc., and various peer stories. It will be a very smooth transition for you with our tips on breastfeeding.

Facts About Breastfeeding Babies

New babies have a well-developed sense of smell and know their mama’s specific breast milk scent. This helps them recognize their own belongings and relationships. It has also been identified that when a baby gets breast milk, then there are fewer chances of getting ear, respiratory, and gastrointestinal infections.


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