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The types of equipment that are used for lifting and moving the pallets from a low-level area to a higher base are known as powered pallet jacks. They are also simply called pallets, which are a simple form of forklifts used to move the packages in an inventory or production unit. 

Operation principle of pallets

The pallet jack is operated by a lever that is stuck out like the handle of a pump. You can move it vertically to move the jack-up and down. By pumping it constantly, the hydraulic fluid inside the fork causes the jack to rise up. Releasing the fluid will cause the jack to go down. There is a set of wheels attached to the front base of the pallet. To lift up a load the front base of the jack is pressed below the load and then the handle is pumped. The constant pumping raises the load from the ground level. This is the basic working principle of the pallet jack. 

Pallet jacks today offer a wide range of benefits. They have become:

  • More prevalent

  • Extremely popular due to their efficiency

Pallet jacks are used to move goods around and stack goods. Due to these kinds of operations pallet jacks are commonly used in:

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Factories

  • Warehouses

  • Retail stores

Types of pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are divided broadly into two categories:The first category of the pallet trucks is the pump jacks. These are manually operated pallet jacks. They are cheaper and do not have any kind of sophisticated modifications. These manually operated machines are dependent on the operator for movement. The operator controls the movement with a steering control mechanism. The manually operated trucks are used in inventories where pallets are stacked on the ground floor and for moving fairly small pallet stacks around.

The second category of pallet trucks is the electric pallet jacks. Electric pallet jacks generate more power and have more loading capacity than manual pallet trucks. They have ac comparatively modernized framework and operating them requires technical knowledge and experience. These types of pallet jacks are used in inventories where pallet stacks need to be raised from the ground floor to different floors situated above. As they are electrically powered they can easily lift the heavy pallet stacks. 

Advantages of using pallet trucks:

  1. Increased efficiency – before the invention of pallet trucks, in the 1930s it took approximately 72 hours to unpack the boxed car. With the help of pallet trucks, this can be done in no more than four hours today. There are several production units that use pallet trucks to save time and move heavy goods easily. 

  2. Easy modifications – there are different variants of pallet trucks that come loaded with accessories. Some common modifications are weighing scales being integrated into the pallet trucks. Additionally, small printers can also be set up in an electric pallet jack to print out the weight of the stack and keep a physical copy of the weight. 

  3. Highly powered pallet trucks – electric pallet jacks have brought a whole lot of power with them. With such highly capable machines, lifting weights to higher platforms have now become an easy task. It allows the goods to be stored on high shelves effortlessly. It is also helpful while loading goods in a truck or a van. 

  4. Can fit in small space – in warehouses where there is not enough space to accommodate bigger machines, wheelies, and jacks come in handy and do not require much space to store either. These small machines are safe as they have built-in safety features and can be operated by either battery or manually. 


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