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Things You Need to Know If you are Movie Buff

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Usually, movie buffs are looked down upon as people who are lazy and don’t have anything good to do, hence spending time on entertainment and celebrities’ life. But did you know that you can make a career out of it and also earn? This is what it means to do what you love. If you love cinema gossip, are interested in films of all kinds, and are looking forward to releases, then you should know the following things.

The article highlights the career paths a movie buff can choose and how you can work towards it. You can be a movie reviewer, a social media influencer for movie promotions, reviews, and industry gossip. You are sharing the latest pictures and videos of industry people. Here’s how you can do it.

Watch Every Movie and Series

In the beginning, watching every movie and reviewing it can be time-consuming and, more specifically money consuming. You have to pay for the tickets or the subscriptions. In the earlier stages, opt for free sites like solarmovie, where you can watch the latest movies and series. These can be very helpful in being consistent in your reviews. Unlike movie theatres, where you cannot pause and play a movie and watch several scenes multiple times to catch details, you can watch multiple times on free sites that don’t consume your data.

Follow on Social Media

This isn’t a new job to do as a movie buff; you would already be doing it. Stay alert for their posts or posts that relate to them and write or talk about it on your blog, Instagram or YouTube Channel. Express your views on the post, spread the word about the post, talk about the details of the post, and look for hints that the celebrities might have dropped.

This might help you grow on these platforms. You are helping other movie buffs like you and feeding on their likes.

The Media Houses

You need to follow not just the celebrities but also the media houses and magazines. They have inside information and also release collaboration and photoshoot details with stars. You need to be hands-on about this information and reshare these pictures on your account to gain popularity and consistency.

Writing Blogs

You can write about your favorite genre if you have a way with your words. You can write about the best movies of the year. Fashion quotient of stars, their vacation photos and details, and you can also add travel tips to these vacations. How to imitate celeb fashion looks, upcoming releases, and much more. Be responsible about what you write and always respect the privacy of these people. If you’re writing about relationships, check and confirm twice before writing anything.

To sum Up

Watching movies can consume time, but you can make money if you put your heart into it. Movie reviewers, social media influencers, and blog writers are some of the hot and in-trend career options for movie buffs. If you want to become one, keep in mind the things this article said regarding solarmovie, a free movie-watching site, social media, news, and Blogs.




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