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Have you ever wondered why embroidered clothes have high value? It has many reasons, and nowadays, global brands are manufacturing embroidered clothes that uplift their value in the market. Clothing Embroidery gains popularity day by day and influences many to add this new style to their fashion sense.

Embroidered clothes have many exciting features as it is a years-old process to design the clothes. If you are also obsessed with embroidered clothes, here's everything that you should know about them.

● Types of clothes and embroidery

It's one of the great characteristics of embroidery that you can do embroidery on any kind of clothes. Anything can be embroidered easily. Embroidered Jackets, shirts, skirts, caps, dresses, and many attires are trendy. However, the fabric and quality of the cloth determine the type of embroidery. If you are using stretchy cloth, use tracing paper and also draw the embroidery using a soluble pen. On the other hand, if the cloth is cotton or soft cloth, make sure to use thin needles to avoid holes.

● Tools used in embroidery

You can design beautiful embroidery by yourself, and there are some basic tools that help you in creating the designs that you want. Embroidery tools help create beautiful and easy designs. The embroidery needle is the primary tool, and to make the clothes tight, an embroidery hoop is used. Embroidery pencils, stencils, floss, and stabilisers are also used in making amazing designs.

● Durability

Do you know embroidered clothes are for the long run? It's the foremost feature of the embroidery that it easily counters heavy wash or laundry. A quality embroidered cloth stands out and features an adorable appearance. Compared to laser printing, embroidered clothes are more durable. The yarn used in embroidery also has a special feature: it doesn't fade with time. So, you can use embroidered clothes for a lifetime without any complaint.

● Care of embroidered clothes

Colourful threads on the clothes can create eye-glazing expressions. However, embroidered clothes such as Embroidered Jackets, shirts, jeans, dupatta, and so on don't require special care. But to use the cloth for a lifetime, it is recommended to prefer hand wash, avoid bleaching, and direct sunlight as it can fade the colour. Plus, if you are purchasing embroidered clothes, make sure to buy a qualitative piece.

Wrapping Up

Once you start wearing embroidered clothes, you will love them and choose embroidered clothes over printed ones. So take care of the things we mentioned above as it will make your decision easy. Embroidered clothes are gaining popularity over time, and you can also influence others with your unique embroidered style statement. To know more about us visit our website: broderie.ca/en.


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