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There are multiple domains where you can pursue a doctorate of medicine (MD) course after completing your MBBS course. One such domain is physiology. It is a good domain to choose and study an MD course to set your career in promising directions. Let us find out the subjects you will study in an MD in Physiology course.

Subjects taught in MD Physiology

As the name suggests, we can clearly understand that this course is about human physiology, a prominent subject that has been taught at the MBBS level. At this post-graduation level, students will gain deeper insights into various topics such as basic biochemistry, anatomical units such as cells and tissues, organ systems etc. The course will also stress on muscular, skeletal, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive and other organ systems of the human body. Hence, an MD in Physiology course is an elaborate curriculum of three years where MBBS graduates will learn many new things about the human body.

Scope of MD Physiology

While studying in one of the top MD in Physiology colleges, you will find out that there are multiple domains where you can set your career. For instance, when you complete studying the MD course, you will become more advanced in terms of knowledge and skills. With this knowledge, you can either go with more advanced courses and can gain a doctorate degree in specific domains or can work with research firms.

You can work as a professor teaching physiology to medical and pharmaceutical students. You can also work as a research scientist with the top pharmaceutical firms, research centres, as well as, academic institutions to work on topics and publish your research work.

What should you do?

To become an expert in human physiology, make a list of MD in Physiology colleges where you can fit into the eligibility criteria. When you are done with your MBBS degree, choose a suitable name from the list by comparing the course fees, infrastructure, faculty, and course structure. Seek admission to one such medical college and pursue the course for three years and become an MD physiologist to set your career.


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