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Electric cars are all the rage in the UK, especially in London. In the PCO sector, they’ve gained a strong reputation as the go-to option. It’s no surprise for anyone when options like Uber Green are popping up. PCO car rental companies are also targeting the sector, but very few of them are adequately meeting the demands of the public.

EVs provide far too many benefits for PCO drivers, and you should consider them as your option when hiring a PCO car in London. Here’s why:

You Have Incentives

Using an EV for most ride-sharing companies is an advantage. EV cars have their category with ride-sharing services. Many people are conscious of the environment, while others enjoy the silent experience you get in an EV. Most modern electric cars provide a fairly comfortable experience which is why they’re preferred.

With an EV, you’re not competing with the numerous petrol cars when your car is available for services like Uber Green. You have an exclusive list of customers available to you, which provides you with more opportunities to make money.

Save Up on ULEZ or Congestion Charges

Fuel, congestion charges, and ULEZ charges are the main major costs for PCO drivers, with the latter two being major issues that many drivers are upset about. Many PCO drivers tend to avoid CC zones altogether not to have to pay the fee. Unfortunately, the CC coverage is over a large area, and you’re likely to miss out on a lot of customers if you avoid it.

The great news is that EV cars are exempted from paying ULEZ and Congestion Charges until 2025. For anyone struggling to justify renting out an EV car, this factor alone might be enough to make you sign that rental deal.

Electric Charging Affordability

One of the top reasons people rent out PCO cars instead of petrol ones is the cost-effectiveness of electric charging. Using a home charger, you’ll be paying £5.60 for a 188-mile charge. For the same mileage as petrol, you pay around £25. It’s around 3p vs 12p per mile, which can stack up a lot as you add more fuel.

But what happens when you rely on public charging stations? They’re slightly higher priced, but you can get faster charging. At £6-7, you can get a 100-mile charge on your PCO car, which is still fairly less than petrol.

Futuristic Cars

One of the major advantages of electric cars is that brands position them as futuristic offerings. This means EVs come with a variety of modern features for all aspects, which means you’re getting bang for the buck value. Decent sound systems, high-quality seats with reliable materials, infotainment systems, and low noise emission are common offerings among EV cars.

As a PCO driver, your job is to provide the best experience possible, and an EV comes with all the modern offerings that make the ride more than getting from one place to another.

Higher Range

One of the biggest selling points of modern EVs is that they provide an exceptional range. Depending on the quality and the size of the battery, you can expect variable amounts of mileage. On average, cars like the Kia E-Niro PCO car hire provide upwards of 250 miles on a full charge. Compared to older EV options on the market, these are remarkable numbers.

On average, you’ll drive around 100 miles, with some busy days stretching out to 150 miles of use. You can get a full two days or more out of a single charge on many occasions.

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