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Three Chinese/Korean compact cars PK

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The newly launched MG 5, the modern all-new Elantra and the old and strong Geely Binrui. Three star cars in the compact market with a price of 100,000 yuan, which one is better?

Central control part: MG 5 is the most fashionable / Elantra simple style / Bin Rui uses enough materials

Into the car, the interior part is actually quite different from the three cars. Let me talk about the MG 5 first. The interior of the MG 5 is the youngest among the three cars, with a full sense of design. The driver-oriented center console creates a stronger sense of movement. The red and black stitching color scheme also makes the interior of the car more layered. The level of materials used in the car is average. The center console and the top of the door panel are made of hard plastic, but because the workmanship is well processed, the light does not seem to be cheap. At the same time, the combination of three-dimensional diamond-shaped decorative panels and silver decorative panels looks exquisite and cute.

Compared with its appearance, the interior of the Elantra is much more acceptable to me. The horizontal penetrating lines look very stretched, and the overall design is simple and not simple. The one-piece large screen and the co-pilot handle are the finishing touches. If you don't like the all-black interior, there are also black/white color matching options. In terms of materials, the top of the Elantra center console is made of soft material, which has a good texture, but the upper part of the door panel is made of hard plastic. It can be seen that the joint venture brand will still be more detailed in terms of cost control.

Next is Binrui. To be honest, this set of interiors of Binrui is very photogenic. The wide-opening and closing lines make the photos far better than the actual car. The craftsmanship and texture of the details still have room for polishing. In fact, Binrui’s interior is more conservative in design like its appearance, so you don’t see too many fashionable design elements on it, but good materials are Geely’s tradition, Binrui’s center console Both the upper part of the door and the door panel are made of soft materials, and they are also equipped with stitching, which is absolutely satisfying for the “material party”.

In terms of the shape of the steering wheel, the three cars all use a flat-bottom design, and all support only up and down adjustments. This set of MG 5 steering wheels has been in use for many years, and has been in use since the second-generation MG 6 was launched. The overall size is larger and the flat bottom area is relatively small, so it looks more like a pure round shape. The steering wheel has a good grip. The leather is tight and does not slippery. The areas on both sides are perforated instead of real perforations. Red stitching and paddle shifters are used to highlight its sporty feel.

The Elantra’s steering wheel is small in size, its shape is a brand new design, and the trim underneath looks a bit like Monkey King’s curse. The grip of the steering wheel is very good, but the covered leather is a bit too delicate, so there will be some sticky hands, and it is easy to grind out the patina. In addition, I am more satisfied that the Elantra integrated the L2 driver assistance button on the steering wheel, so there is no need to reach for the small lever behind the steering wheel like the MG 5. In addition, the Elantra has even been equipped with steering wheel heating since its mid-range models. Who knows who uses it in winter.

The steering wheel of Binrui is also familiar, the size is as small as the Elantra, and the grip is quite good, but the leather surface feel is the roughest of the three cars. Compared with the one used on Boyue, Binrui’s steering wheel has more chrome trims in the button area, except that it is almost identical.

In terms of the dashboard, the gap between the three cars is also very obvious. The MG 5 uses a combination of LCD digital display + large-size LCD screen to ensure legibility while taking into account the sense of technology and information display. The Elantra only has the full LCD instrument panel on the top model, with a variety of themes to choose from, and it can also display the rearview mirror screen while turning the steering lever. Binrui is the most conventional mechanical instrument panel, equipped with a small screen with very limited information.

In terms of entertainment system, there is not much difference between the three cars. MG 5 uses the latest Zebra venus system. The screen size is 12.3 inches, which is the largest of the three cars. The interface of the new version of Zebra system is good-looking and fast enough, and voice recognition is still a strong point. However, this system still does not support the interconnection of CarPlay and CarLife, and is still a relatively closed system. To add functions, you can only wait for an OTA upgrade. In addition, the MG 5 also uses YAMAHA’s speakers. The brand is very loud, but it hasn’t been seen before in the car machine field.

Elantra’s multimedia system is essentially the same as Kia’s UVO. Both are jointly developed by Baidu and Hyundai Motor Group. They are customized systems that are first launched for the Chinese market. The screen size reaches 10.25 inches and integrates Baidu voice and maps. A series of commonly used apps such as QQ Music and Himalaya also provide OTA remote upgrade service. The Elantra is also the only model with wireless charging among the three vehicles.

We are already familiar with the multimedia system on Binrui. The screen size is 10.25 inches like the Elantra. The whole system is actually closer to the Android car machine. It has an independent application store and can install a wealth of App programs, so you can also see common apps such as AutoNavi Maps. In addition, Geely also provides an online theme store, which can choose a variety of themes for the system, and it is good to change the theme occasionally.

Both MG 5 and Elantra are equipped with automatic air conditioning, but this 1.4T Asian Games version of Binrui is still manual air conditioning. But in actual use, MG 5 does not have a physical air conditioner button, and can only adjust the temperature through voice or touch screen; Elantra can be controlled by voice or touch buttons, but the feedback of the buttons is not too smooth; Binrui The traditional physical knob is the best among the three cars, but it is also the only one that is not equipped with rear air conditioning outlets.

In addition, none of the three cars are equipped with automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirrors, especially the Elantra top with a price of more than 130,000 yuan, which is a bit regrettable. In addition, in terms of makeup mirrors that everyone is not paying much attention to, the MG 5 main and co-pilot have lights, the Elantra main and co-pilot have mirrors but no lights, and only the co-pilot has mirrors for Bin Rui.(Read more: harga mobil hrv)


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