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Three Japanese-Korea joint venture medium-sized vehicles PK

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We found the brand new K5 Kaiku, which was just launched by Kia. The Koreans are doing their best in this new car. In addition to the styling and design, it got rid of the usual greasy feeling of medium-sized cars and satisfies the aesthetics of young consumers. There are also qualitative changes in power/driving experience. The manufacturer firmly believes that the new K5 Kaiku can completely break off the Japanese “two kings”. Is it really possible? Let's try it together.

1) Central control part: Camry has good texture / K5 Kaiku has rich details / Accord focuses on driving

Three players have been in place, they are Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Kia K5 Kaiku. For the interior design, Camry’s center console is very thoughtful. The Y-shaped layout separates the area in front of the main/co-pilot, and the texture of the black interior is very good. Ward’s top ten interiors are well-known. However, I personally do not recommend that you buy a Camry with beige interior. There is a serious color difference in the car, which is very unfriendly to OCD.

The Accord still uses the flying wing design that they are good at, but the interior and appearance of this generation of models are the same, which is a step backward in my eyes. The sense of hierarchy is far inferior to the previous two-generation models, of course, you can also consider it more concise and more focused on driving. The material is not a problem. The soft parts are all soft materials, but nowadays the more popular stitching elements seem to be of little interest to Honda designers.

Compared with its appearance, the interior of the K5 Kaiku is more calm and less ostentatious, but in terms of details, it is the most abundant of the three cars. Stitches, metal trims, wood-grained panels, painted panels, etc. can all be seen, and the combination is just right, very high-end. If you are a young person, choose an all-black interior color scheme, the overall feeling will be stronger than this set of beige.

The material of the door panel is best made by Camry. The upper part is made of skin-like soft material, which is very comfortable to touch. The lower part is leather + soft filling. The whole door panel has almost no hard material except for the metal trim. Location. The performance of Accord and K5 Kaiku is slightly inferior. Although the materials used are not inferior to the Camry, part of the door panel is still made of hard plastic. As long as the watch or hard objects are not bumped, the comfort during daily use is actually nothing. Different.

The shape of the steering wheel, Camry adopts a more traditional round three-spoke style, the middle of the airbag cover is relatively high, so there is a feeling of holding the steering wheel. The grip is relatively thick, the filling is very soft, and the multi-function buttons have a hard feel and extremely short stroke, creating a certain sense of high-level. Both Accord and K5 Kaiku adopt flat-bottomed steering wheels. The steering wheel of Accord has the best hand feeling among the three cars. Its advantages are mainly in ergonomic design, which fits the hand shape very well. Five horsepower is good.

The steering wheel of the K5 Kaiku is also good to hold. The filling is harder than that of the two Japanese cars. The multi-function buttons feel slightly inferior to the Japanese cars, the button travel is relatively long, and the damping is not crisp enough. However, in terms of functionality, K5 Kaiku has absolute advantages, including L2 assisted driving and paddle shifting. The optional steering wheel heating function is in the upcoming winter. Who knows who uses it, and who has used it. agreed.

2) Interior part: K5 Kaiku is far ahead / Accord seats are the most comfortable

In the dashboard, both the Camry and Accord use a pointer + LCD screen combination. The difference is that the Camry has a color LCD screen. The entry model of the Accord is a monochrome LCD screen. The effect is much worse than that of the Camry. The color LCD screen needs to be high. Only available on models. K5 Kaiku is the only model of the three cars that uses a full LCD instrument. The instrument size reaches 12.3 inches and has a variety of different themes.

In terms of multimedia system, the Camry uses a 9-inch touch screen. The texture of the panel is very good, and the system functions are also good, such as natural voice recognition, AutoNavi car version, Baidu CarLife, and it is enough for daily use. In addition, the Camry is equipped with dual-zone smart air conditioners in the front row. The front row provides AUX/USB and a 12V power port. The wireless charging function needs to be optional.

The multimedia system on the Accord Elite Edition has a small screen and approximately “no” functions. It only provides the most basic Bluetooth and radio. In terms of air conditioning, the Accord is also equipped with a dual-zone automatic air conditioner in the front row. The front row provides a USB and a 12V power port, but the whole system does not provide wireless charging.

K5 Kaikuo's UVO system is completely different. This is a set of customized systems developed jointly by Dongfeng Yueda Kia and Baidu and launched first for the Chinese market. Compared with the first two, it is simply a next-generation product. A 12.3-inch touch LCD screen and an instrument of the same area form a dual screen structure, and it is slightly deflected to the side of the driver.

The functions are even more powerful, including smart voice recognition, Baidu map, smart home, team function, QQ music and Himalaya and other mainstream functions, and can provide OTA remote upgrade service, plus the optional JBL luxury audio, you can It can be regarded as the most powerful vehicle in its class, almost none of them.

In addition, the two large screens of K5 Kaiku also have a very cool and user-friendly function. For example, when the turn signal is turned on, the screen will display the blind area of the rearview mirror on the instrument, and there are auxiliary lines for viewing in the screen. The distance between the vehicle behind and the vehicle. When necessary, the large multimedia screen can also act as a “streaming media rearview mirror”. Press the button on the light lever during driving to open the real-time picture of the rear camera. This function is in It's so sweet in rainy or nighttime scenes with poor visibility.(Read more: harga toyota vellfire)


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