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Whenever you can throw aside a few dollars for a new shooting accessory, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to put it into a new optic, a new gun light, or even something like a mag loader. It’s not entirely likely that you’re going to get amped up about the possibility of getting something like a casing catcher for an AR 15.

With that said, a brass trap can be an invaluable, utterly indispensable tool and a time-saving, pain-alleviating shooting accessory.

It’s also possibly the case that it’s an essential shooting accessory required at your range or in competitions. With no further ado, these are some places where the use of a brass catcher can be a necessity.

1.The range
Not every range requires the use of rail brass catchers to corral empty cartridges, but even when they don’t, using one is generally a good idea.

Using a brass catcher at the range will keep your shooting area clear, preventing hot brass from flying over into your neighbor’s shooting station (which is highly inconsiderate) and save you a few minutes at the end of your range therapy session since many ranges require you to rake up your spent brass off the ground.

Of course, some ranges have restrictions about the usage of (for example) muzzle devices or requirements for casing catchers for AR 15s. In that case, the decision’s effectively been made for you.

2.In a competition
A casing catcher for your AR 15 can also be a huge bonus in a competition, especially for shooters that reload.

Whether or not the organization or range requires the use of brass catchers is one thing, but there are many shooters who choose to use them simply because it’s very difficult if not impossible to retrieve your brass afterward. Competitions are timed and tightly organized. If you don’t catch your brass during, you won’t be getting it back.

Now, with the inflated prices of ammo where it is available, coupled with the nationwide shortages of cartridges, brass, and even primers, there’s no reason not to hang onto that brass.

Again, just like with range requirements, if the administrating organization requires you to use a casing catcher, then that’s another story. You’ll need to use one.

3.In the field
Even hunters are catching onto casing catchers nowadays. The fact is that more and more states are getting more lenient with their regulations for out-of-control feral hogs and rising numbers of coyotes. Some states allow expanded centerfire hunting and some hunters choose to use sporting rifles like AR-15s to pursue these species.

Now, while shooting is never as fast-paced while hunting as it has the potential to be at the range or in competition, recovering spent cartridges in the field, especially at night when some of these seasons have allotted shooting hours, is effectively impossible. A brass catcher will keep your casings from getting swallowed up in the leaf litter, the dark, or both.

Invest in a Better Casing Catcher for an AR 15
Whether you frequently enjoy one of these pastimes or all three, a casing catcher for your AR can be a valuable if basic investment – and there are plenty of affordable options out there.

That said, skip right by the basic mesh bag design – the kind of brass catcher that attaches to your Picatinny rail somewhere, with a wire frame that holds a heat-resistant bag over your ejection port – these are unwieldy and can melt or even catch fire.

Opt instead for a more practical design like that offered by the Brass Goat, which quickly attaches to the magwells of a mil-spec AR-15 lower receiver, keeping both your rail and sight picture clear.

It’s also made from hard, molded ABS resin, which is resistant to fouling, water, and the elements – and which will never jam, melt or catch fire. Also, since it’s not made of mesh, it’s better at getting through brush in the field.

You can learn more about the Brass Goat at BrassGoat.com – and if you have questions you can forward them to 1-833-MAGWELL or Admin@MagwellMounts.com.

For more information about  Best Ar Brass Catcher Please visit: Magwell Mounts, LLC.



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