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Three Reasons to Have a Vanity Mirror in Your Bathroom

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A vanity mirror can be an essential item in a bathroom, especially if you wear makeup or use a powder. These personal grooming mirrors can make your bathroom appear larger and provide ambient lighting. There are several types to choose from, including frameless models and extendable ones. Here are three reasons to have a vanity mirror in your bathroom. You may want to invest in a frameless model if the space in your bathroom is limited.

Vanity mirrors are a personal grooming mirror


Vanity mirrors are designed to be used everyday. bulb mirror They are available in many different styles. There are lighted and non-lighted versions, and they can be rechargeable or plug in. The latter are more convenient for traveling. The warmer light is best for precision grooming while the cooler light is for shaving. If you want to use a vanity mirror in the bathroom, you can find one with a light-up stand.


Vanity mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are commonly free-standing or wall-mounted and come with various features. light bulb mirror Some are circular while others are oblong, rectangular, or trifold. The size of the mirror depends on the space available and your preferences. A vanity mirror can take up a corner of your desk or the entire length of a vanity. If you prefer a more compact mirror, you can opt for a small one that fits in a small corner.

They make your bathroom look bigger


A vanity mirror can add a sense of space to a small bathroom, especially if it's mounted on the wall. It can also serve as a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets are typically built to recede into the wall. This allows the door of the cabinet to be flush with the wall. Instead of a standard cabinet door, the medicine cabinet has a recess, making it easy to place a basket below the door for toiletries.


Having a vanity mirror in a small bathroom is not practical, as it may be difficult to keep clean. Alternatively, you could opt for a mirror that's larger than your vanity, which would double the space. Mirrors make a bathroom appear bigger by reflecting light and picking up colour. You can also use several mirrors above your vanity to create a lofty illusion. But it's important to remember that you need an adequate background for the mirrors to make them appear effective. If you want to maximize the effect, you can install a wall of mirrored tiles or another type of patterned floor tile.

They provide ambient lighting


The ALA has recommended that bathroom lights be installed above and alongside vanity mirrors. However, installing a separate fixture over the vanity mirror is also a good idea. Ambient lighting provides a more flattering glow and prevents the makeup from being applied in shadows and poor lighting. Using both side and overhead lighting layers the lighting for maximum effect. Make sure to consider the size, style, and placement of the fixtures before purchasing them.


Accent lights are ideal for bringing attention to a specific area, while ambient light serves as the background. Accent lighting can be provided by side-mounted fixtures or a single overhead fixture. You should consider your bathroom's overall design when selecting accent lighting. Accent lights should focus their glow upwards, whereas vanity lights should direct their light downwards. You can choose between side-mounted and centralized fixtures based on their style, color, and size.

They can be frameless or extendable


When selecting cabinets for your new bathroom, frameless or extendable models are both good choices. Frameless cabinets rely on the cabinet construction for stability, so you should be sure to consider the slope and the wall's finish before deciding on a particular style. ProCraft Cabinetry can help you decide which type of cabinet is best for your needs and design aesthetic. If you're not sure how to select the right type of frameless door, we have a few helpful hints.


Unlike face-frame cabinets, frameless cabinets are more expensive. Face-frame cabinets come with a frame, while frameless cabinets don't. Face-frame cabinets are more affordable, and you can select a variety of materials for these cabinets. Typically, face-frame cabinets are made of hardwood, but you can choose to replace the face frame with a veneer core plywood or particle board material instead. A disadvantage of frameless cabinets is the limited style selection. They are less common than face-frame cabinets.

They can have LED lighting


If you are in the market for a new vanity mirror, mirror with bulbs consider purchasing one that includes LED lighting. LED bulbs are energy efficient and mimic different light conditions, from natural to artificial. Many of the best lighted vanity mirrors also come with dimmable lights to customize the amount of light. Depending on the style, some models also have Bluetooth and speaker connections, so you can listen to music or play games with your mirror.


Some lighted vanity mirrors come with extra bells and whistles, but this only increases the cost. If you're looking for a mirror that's easy on the wallet, the Orren Ellis pick has a touch-sensitive on/off switch and two sizes. It's also adjustable, meaning you can choose between a horizontal or vertical hang. LED lights also tend to last longer than traditional bulbs, so you don't have to replace them very often.


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