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Diabetic Neuropathy is a common disease for people who have diabetes. However, there are three common types of Neuropathy. We will discuss them here.

Diabetic Neuropathy is seen naturally in those people who have been suffering from diabetes for a long. However, there are three types of Diabetic Neuropathy that we will discuss in this blog.

At Grand Strand Health and Wellness, the patients suffering from Neuropathy will get effective treatment. Here the health experts have been experienced and practising in this field for many years.

Peripheral Neuropathy:

According to Dr Chris Garner, this type of Neuropathy mainly affects the feet and legs of the person. It affects these areas of the patient's body at first and then other body parts.

Although Peripheral Neuropathy affects mainly legs and feet, however, after some time, it approaches the hands and arms. Additionally, the pain becomes worse at night.

The typical symptoms for Peripheral Neuropathy are having numbness with the changing temperature. Along with this, there can be other symptoms like tingling sensation, too much sensitivity to touching etc.

While the patient has been suffering from the above symptoms, he can also have a loss of flexibility, balance in the body etc. However, Neuropathic Pain can get a chance of recovery with chiropractic care.

For this purpose, you can visit us at Grand Strand Health and Wellness. Chiropractic care generally helps to aid the patients with an alternative treatment.

Here the health experts diagnose the root cause of your pain and then apply various manipulation therapies. Long term medication for Knee Pain can be harmful.

Therefore, many Peripheral Neuropathy patients seek help in chiropractic care these days.

Autonomic Neuropathy:

This is another type of common case in Diabetic Neuropathy. However, in this disease, Neuropathy affects the patient's autonomic nervous system.

This means, in this disease, the patient may face paint in the areas that may include heart, stomach, eyes, etc. Any of these body areas can face the symptoms.

While the patient is suffering from this kind of Diabetic Neuropathy issue, he can get either excessive sweating, or he may feel that he is not sweating enough. Along with this, many times, he can also face digestion problems too.

This mainly happens when the patients do not know that they are running low blood sugar.


This type of Neuropathy is more seen in adult people who are old aged. Because the possibility of this disease gets higher as people age. In this type of Diabetic Neuropathy, there is a chance that a single nerve of your body gets damaged.

However, that nerve can be a nerve in your leg or face or some other body parts. While this neuropathy disease does not cause you harm that you may suffer for a long time, it typically happens suddenly.

Usually, this type of Neuropathy happens as a result of sudden injuries. However, it may cause you to have sudden pain, along with pain in the chest, thigh, foot, lower back etc.

Grand Strand Health and Wellness is a popular name when it comes to finding a center for Neuropathy Treatment in the USA. Here you can get a chance to meet the famous chiropractors and consult your Diabetic Neuropathy. Contact us to know more.




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