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2021 has been quite a year in the tech world with Samsung introducing their foldable phone series, the launch of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro by Apple. Also, Apple manufacturers stuck a 120 Hz display, and numerous phones launched with 5G build-in connectivity. It can easily be said that 2021 packed a lot of fun and was filled with a surprise for tech consumers.


Since now that we have entered 2022 it will be exciting to witness what exactly 2022 holds in the tech world for their consumers and how it will shape our future?

iPhone 14 Without Notch:-

Where Android smartphone manufacturers keep on entertaining the idea of improvement and implementing it with continuous work on their phone design that one can easily witness with the pop-up cameras, cutout designs to place the camera. Android makers are always trying new tactics for development. It's the complete opposite of the iPhone.

Apple users know that since the launch of the iPhone X  in every series they have included the notch design in the camera. It's not their fault but it is exhausting to see the same design on every phone. But things are likely to change this year when the news of the iPhone 14 leaked. It is anticipated that there will be no notch in the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro model. In its place, there is going to be a small cutout so they can place the TrueDepth camera system. But as far as we are concerned it is just a rumor like Tim Cook suggested. But there are chances that Apple might give this idea a shot and remove the notch from their upcoming series.

In-Display Cameras New Trend

There are only a few companies left that are still using the notch in their design. But there are high chances that we may witness the disappearance of the notch from every device out there. But if manufacturers remove the notch from the design then they have to install the front camera below the display. Multiple companies used similar techniques but the outcome most of the time we as a failure. The best example of this is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The pictures taken from the inside camera appeared on the screen with poor quality.

This shouldn't deter us from keeping on trying as our technology is evolving and so are we. Maybe the first few phones might fail to deliver good results but with time companies will be able to work on them and improve the in-display camera picture quality and 2022 is the year that we should be prepared for in-display cameras.

Fast Charge

Where Google and Apple iPhones don't deliver their consumers with the satisfactory speed of charging it is quite obvious the missing charger from the Apple iPhone boxes and how slow their charges are. For them charging speed doesn't qualify as the best feature of the phone.

But it's quite opposite with other brands like Oppo and Xiaomi where they are always in competition with themselves on how they can improve charging speed with the next upcoming series and when they launch their phone the charging speed is always talk of the tech world. You can always count on Oppo and Xiaomi to provide you with a charger since losing it from their boxes would mean removing their top-notch feature.

In 2022 there are lots of exciting things waiting to happen and regarding the fast charge rumors and leaks are implying that the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro and Oppo Find X4 might come with 80W fast charging speed. 

Furthermore, if the rumors are to be believed Samsung is working on its charging speed for Galaxy S22 series, and they are also trying to increase their wireless charger speed.

Final Verdict:- If you like to support the latest technology this year maybe it's time for you to sell old phones for cash with outmoded features and keep yourself updated and in trend with phones that arrive without a notch, in-display camera, and support fast charging. 


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