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So you have a fantastic idea about a new beverage brand that is tasty. You have researched, talked to you colleagues and friends and everyone thinks that you’ve got yourself a winning idea. So what is holding you back from launching your concoction to the store shelves?

The idea for a new drink is important, but it is the first step. If you want to launch a brand, you need to conceptualize it and develop it. This process may take a lot of your time but it is a vital part that will make or break your future goals. Furthermore, you need to consider ingredient sourcing, formulation, packaging, distribution and most importantly, financing.

We have some good news for you in this article. You only need three steps to start your beverage company.

Step#1: Generating Ideas and making a Game plan

You have a vision, but you need to put it on paper. You can also hire a collaborator who can help you get a bead on the flavor profile that you are looking for. Getting the initial flavor profile right can be daunting and you may need to go back to the drawing board more often than you anticipated.

Once your beverage formulation is perfected. Now you need a plan because you need production, finance, marketing, packaging and distribution. Your idea has to be scalable and has to meet regulatory requirements. So much fun! (for us at least)

Step#2: Maintaining Quality and Logistics

You have the formula and its scalable. The next step is to find a manufacturer. Your ingredients are sourced and all you need is a trustworthy partner who can help you with the production, labelling and distribution.

You also have to make sure that your beverage has a stable shelf life. How long does the taste and color last? You need to test these and know about your product’s shelf life, how it holds out against different conditions.

Step#3: Live your Dream

You have the brand idea, the formulation, ingredient sourcing, scalable production, logistics and excellent quality. Now it is time to roll out your beverage into the market and let the consumers be the judge.

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