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Thuraya Satsleeve+: The Fastest Way for Reliable Satellite Communication

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It's crucial that you take the required steps in advance in order to minimise the damage and have peace of mind. In such emergencies, having a  satellite phone can aid in maintaining the lines of communication open. Thuraya Satsleeve+ is one robust technology that enables you to transform your normal smartphone into a satellite phone instantly. All smartphone users, from travellers and ambitious adventurers to business and NGO users, can communicate using the support service of Thuraya SatSleeve+.

It's absolutely uncertain when a disaster might strike. They have the power to demolish infrastructure, homes, and buildings while also leaving a large number of people missing, hurt, or perhaps dead. Whether it's a natural disaster or other emergencies, it's possible for the lights to turn out, the roads to blockage, and run out of food and water supply. In the event of an emergency evacuation, you and your family can get separated as well.

Reasons to have a Thuraya Satellite phone

There are various benefits that come with using a satellite phone. Satellite phones enable connections to the phone network and other phones via satellites orbiting the Earth. It has a wider coverage and can be used practically anywhere on the Earth because it does not depend on terrestrial cellular towers, or cellular antennas like your smartphone does. The Thuraya satellite phone price in UK can vary depending on various factors, from advanced features included to the upfront price of the SIM.

This satellite phone lets you and your family stay in touch during emergencies and disasters. Emergency evacuations are typically carried out after various natural calamities. There is a very high probability that electric, internet, cellular, and telephone lines will be disrupted, and it's possible that they won't be fixed for days or even weeks after, making it challenging to contact others if you only rely on your smartphone, laptop, or even landline phone.

With Thuraya Satsleeve+, you can get in touch with the police, fire department, and other governmental organisations during an emergency. No matter the Thuraya XT satellite phone price, you can also buy it in instalments with a one-month minimum term. You should have no trouble calling the closest hospital to request assistance if you have a satellite phone.

Unlike modern mobile phones, a satellite phone can offer an easy and quick connection anywhere in the world. You should be able to call anyone in the world in an emergency crisis, even if the electricity and phone lines are out. The cost of Thuraya satellite phone would be around EUR 999. There is no need to look for higher ground and wait for a signal when using a satellite phone. You can stay put and connected while doing so.

Using a Thuraya Satellite phone can make it easier for you to call and send SMS in satellite mode whenever the terrestrial network signal is unavailable. Using Thuraya Satsleeve+ enables you to have uninterrupted communication. The Advanced Omni directional antenna in the device avails the advantage of a seamless walk-and-talk feature.


Source – https://medium.com/@kristaincherry/thuraya-satsleeve-the-fastest-way-for-reliable-satellite-communication-ecd49e32afe6


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