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Time to Organize Dad’s Bathroom Cabinets

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“Time to Organize Dad’s Bathroom Cabinets”


Dad’s Day is coming! Have you thought of a memorable gift for him yet? If not, we’re definitely here to help! As you know, sorting out bathroom storage is a nightmare for everyone, and that can be worse for a busy man like Dad. While many cupboards are large enough to hold all of your necessities, it can be inconvenient to look for a frequently used item in the back. Having a designated space for all of Dad's belongings not only looks nicer but also makes it much easier for him to locate what he’s looking for. With smart strategies and savvy organization products, you can help Dad maximize valuable storage space and organize bathroom cabinets.

  • Help him choose the right cabinet type

Ask Dad the following questions first: What is his bathroom routine? How does he make use of the available space? Consider price, style, and trends when selecting bathroom cabinets. The key is to figure out which options will help you improve your storage while staying within your budget. A useful tip is that large cabinetry can still be minimalist, especially if you choose a “floating” installation and simple, thin handles – or don't use handles at all.

  • Sort products by the frequency of use and expiry dates

You may have less to sort through each time you want to tidy if you complete this initial exercise. Our best advice is to assess what you use the most and keep it at the front of your cabinet. You should also sort by product expiration date. Separate items on Dad's cabinets so that his daily items are easily accessible, his weekly items are a little higher up, and the rest are on the top of his shelves. Less frequently used items can be stored behind more frequently used items or on a higher shelf too.

  • Put extra lighting to help him locate item easier

Dad's space may be light and airy, but his bathroom cabinets and under sink vanities may be dark, making it difficult for him to find what you need. Getting ready for the day can be difficult, but with adequate lighting at the bathroom vanity, the task is made easier. Showers, shaving and changing clothes require plenty of light. LED accent lights around your mirror add a nice touch of style and creativity. LED rope lights, which will also accent any tile or decorative elements on your wall, can help you achieve this look.

  • Label his stuff

When it's quick and simple for Dad to find and return items, the system's longevity is increased, which means he won't have to waste time and energy reorganizing the same space over and over. Dad can also identify and monitor pantry staples that need to be replenished by using bin storage or shelf labels. Every time he sees a nearly empty bin or basket labeled for a specific item. Opening your cabinet and seeing uniform containers that are clearly labeled and organized is a real pleasure.

Nothing feels better than coming home in an organized bathroom after along tiring day. This Father’s Day, make Dad feel that he’s truly special by organizing his sanctuary for him. If you’re still looking for a trusted installer of an awesome bathroom cabinet for that, trust Arizona’s finest. Sanels Wholelsale Cabinets-Phoenix provides the highest quality of installation, replacement, and related services for your home and business, whether you need a flooring update, a kitchen countertop, or a basement finish. We are also the home of the best quality bathroom vanities.  Vanities come in a wide range of sizes and styles. You can find one that is the right size for your bathroom and organizes your items the way you want. Call 
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