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Time to Winterize Your Irrigation System

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Ohio winters can be brutal, which is the reason it is imperative to protect your irrigation and sprinkler system from the snow, ice, and frigid cold conditions.

Having an irrigation system in place is a wonderful way to keep your lawn and gardens healthy and lush throughout the spring and summer months, but when cold weather begins to roll in, it's time to get ready for winter. Irrigation System Installation Perrysburg, Irrigation Services Perrysburg

Winterizing Your Irrigation and Sprinkler System

Failing to winterize your irrigation system is not an option in Ohio. For the sprinkler companies Perrysburg, Waterville irrigation is on top of the winterization process for you and your property. The experts at Waterville Irrigation know one understand that water will expand when it freezes. This means that any water that is still left in your irrigation system’s pipes can freeze when the temperatures drop. This can cause extensive damage to the pipes in your sprinkler system since they will more than likely crack or burst when the water freezes.


Not only do the irrigation and sprinkler technicians at Waterville irrigation pride themselves on irrigation system installation Perrysburg, but they also have the equipment and experience to winterize your entire system before the first snowfalls. This will help prevent any flooding in your yard as well as your home from broken pipes that could burst in the dead of winter. Bursting pipes will cost you a lot of money to repair, so winterizing your sprinkler system is much more cost-effective and will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve so you can enjoy the beautiful snow outside without worrying about anything going wrong with your system.

The Winterization Process

The irrigation and sprinkler specialist at Waterville Irrigation will come to your home or business before the temperatures outside start to drop down to the level of freezing so that they can begin draining your irrigation system. This will be after your sprinklers are shut down for the winter and the specialist from Waterville irrigation will be tasked with removing any water that is left in the pipes of your system. The method they will use in draining your pipes will depend on the types of valves that were used in your system when it was installed.

If your system features manual valves, they will open up all of the vents to drain the system and turn off the water supply to your sprinklers. There is a backflow device built into your system that will keep water from flowing back into your house and will allow it to flow outside of your sprinklers. If your system contains automatic valves, the technicians from Waterville irrigation will trigger the automatic drainage system, turn off the water supply, and allow one of your sprinkler heads to run until all the water is drained from your system.

The irrigation and sprinkler system specialist from Waterville irrigation may also use an air compressor to blow out any remaining water in your sprinkler's pipes before insulating any exposed pipes to keep them protected during the winter months.

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