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Tinkernet (TNKR)

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Tinkernet must provide a strong sense of decentralization to succeed as a service for innovators. More importantly, effectively incentivize IP Staking participants and enable users to launch their innovations.

These adjustments strike a delicate balance between decentralizing the $TNKR offering, securing the network and token holders, encouraging crowdsourced loan support, and rewarding developers and individuals who use Tinkernet's capabilities.

Initial project offer: $11,700,000 TNKR.

The network's initial token offering ($TNKR) will be 11.7 million tokens. The token offering will be subject to an annual inflation rate of 10%.
The reason for this level of inflation is to support the On-Chain Innovation Funding (OCIF) protocol's IP Staking mechanism, which rewards owners of community-supported and anchored IP sets with network tokens to help accelerate innovation.
Firm KSM limit: $20,000 KSM.
The team acknowledges that this falls short of the $15,000 KSM chosen by the community; however, due to the fact that supply will be regulated through a crowdfunding reward mechanism, it is important to ensure that the hard limit is not reached by too few participants.
In light of the events that have occurred in the market since the decision to launch Tinkernet on Kusama, which consisted of a roughly 50 percent drop in the market value of the Kusama network since Tinkernet was first announced, it is critical for the future parachain to raise a large amount of $KSM for a wider distribution of $TNKR tokens.
The team would like to apologize, but hopes that the reasons for this can be easily understood and negotiated.
InvArch Network: 8%.
A small portion of the $TNKR offering is reserved for both the current team and to encourage recruitment of future InvArch team members.
All tokens received in this way will be locked in for 1 year. After that, 10% of them will be unlocked and the remaining 90% will be allocated to blocks within 2 years. within 2 years. This is twice as long as the community vesting period.
Private funding: 5%.
After winning the Kusama parachain slot, a small portion of $TNKR will be donated to private sponsors to supplement development and ecosystem costs to fully sustain the second parachain.
Minimum contributions of $50,000 and maximum contributions of $100,000 will be accepted as the project raises $500,000 for Tinkernet at a network valuation of $10 million.
All tokens raised in this way will be in circulation for 3 months. After that, they will receive 10% of the initial unlock and the remaining 90% will be allocated to blocks within 18 months.

Conclusion of the article:
All tokens will be distributed evenly and each category of projects, be it Liquidity Support or Community Sale, will be distributed as previously prescribed. For this reason, I recommend paying attention to this project to invest and earn from the fresh idea that the guys at web3 are implementing.

This is our future.


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