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It can be a bit hard to figure out the root of the cause. We HearingLoss Protocol Review  are going to explore a few more things that can cause the ringing in the ear that you may not have thought of before: your diet. Many people underestimate just how vital it is to consume the right foods to keep you at your optimum health. There are foods you should eat like dark vegetables and numerous fruits. There are foods you might want to avoid if you are battling tinnitus. Your tinnitus might be the direct result of an allergic reaction.

Those that suffer from tinnitus know what it is like to be frustrated. Finding a cause for your ringing ears can seem down right impossible! We all know that the best way to cure ringing ears is to find out what the possible tinnitus causes are.Some of the popular causes are loud noise exposure, elderly age, medications and ear infections. There are some causes that I would like to explore that you may not have known about.

 Traumatic Head Injuries – there have been people that have an onset of tinnitus after serious car accidents and injury to the head. Cochlear Implant/Skull Surgeries- surgery in the skull can not only cause tinnitus, but can sometimes cause deafness. Dental Procedures- difficult tooth extractions and ultrasonic cleaning can cause tinnitus due to the loud sounds. Mercury Amalgam Tooth Fillings – there has been research done showing a possible connection.MRI/CAT Scans – these tests are very loud and precautions should be taken before undergoing testing such as using ear plugs.



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