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Tips and Trick to Use Quick Note on iPad

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Apple’s WWDC comes once every year and after that people are in awe of things that Apple is bringing to the table. This year is no different as with WWDC 2021 Apple introduces iOS 15 to the world. Now with iOS, there are many cool features such as app library, notification summary, low power mode, and adding widgets on the home screen. But besides all this, there is one more thing that is getting attention and that is the Notes app. There are some new features with it like activity view, supports tag, and systemwide presence using the Quick Note feature. You can find all the new things that are available on the Quick Note on iPad in this post. So, let’s dive straight into this.

Tips & Tricks to Use Quick Note on an iPad

How to Open Quick Note on your iPad with Apple Pencil or keyboard

You can just swipe inward from the bottom-right corner of your iPad while using your Apple Pencil and just like that you can easily open up the Quick Note window. Before this new feature came out, swiping up from the bottom gesture took a screenshot. But that feature has now moved to the left-hand side. Also, you have an option of disabling both things, by going to Settings > Apple Pencil.

How to Open Quick Note Apple Pencil:

There are two options through which you can try to create a Quick Note without using an Apple Pencil.

  • Firstly, you have to open an app that helps you to create a Quick Note such as Safari. Then, just select the text you want to add to the Quick Notes. When you select the text, a context menu appears, then tap on the New Quick Note. It will automatically open the floating quick note window. Also, it will add the text you have selected automatically without you doing anything.
  • Secondly, you can just add the Quick Note to the Control Centre. You will be able to create access to Quick Notes from any app. Now to add it to the control center, go to Settings> Control Centre. Then under more options, you will find Quick Note. Tap on the add (+) icon next to Quick note to add the Quick note.

How to minimize and Hide Quick Note:

With the use of a floating window’s top bar, you have to swipe the Quick Note window to the right or left edge. This will help in minimizing the window to the edge. On the edge, the minimized panel will appear. Now you have to either click on it or drag it inwards to open the Quick Note window again. You can do this either from the same app or a different app.

How to Close and Save Quick Note:

To save a Quick Note, you have to click on the Done option that is available at the top-left corner of the floating window. You also have one more option in which you can swipe down from the window’s top edge. This will easily close the window as well as save the note.

Resize Quick Note Window:

You have the option to resize the Quick Note window. You can use gestures to increase or decrease its size. These gestures include using pinch-in and pinch-out with your fingers and changing the floating window size.


Some of the best features are introduced with the iOS 15 update. Now other note features are gone, and few other things such as tags and Quick Notes. But we don’t think we are still satisfied with the Note on iPad. We hope they fix that soon.

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