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Toronto, the eye-catching and largest city in Canada, North America turned out to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world. From work, study, tour to permanent residing, Canada immigration volume goes up every year and thus, there are various types of visas putting a check on it. Thus, there is no doubt of having a great demand of Canadian immigration process for PR or citizenship, Canada immigration application etc. Canada’s immigration law, being one of the fastest changing laws of the country, the process of immigration application became even more complex. Hence, the role of Canada Immigration Consultant and Lawyer comes into picture.

Before choosing lawyers or consultant, let’s be clear when to approach them. If you need a legal advice or represent at federal court, go for best Canada immigration lawyer in Toronto. But for every other situation like managing immigration application, Canada immigration consultants Toronto would be beneficial.

For better guide, here are few tips that will help you to be precise in choosing best Canada Immigration Layer and Consultant in Toronto

Know your Purpose:- Various immigration programs and the immigration population would definitely confuse you and delay your process. Thus, you should be clear with your agenda to proceed ahead

  1. Selecting the right program

There are more than 80 Canadian Immigration programs offered to individuals seeking immigration. And so, choosing the right program is the most complex part of the Canadian Immigration process.

  1. Appropriate convince to Immigration Offices

You need to have a proper gesture while approaching to the immigration officer with your agenda of immigration to be clear and precise. A dicey approach towards it can get you in trouble.

  1. Documentation accuracy

Your documents such as ECAs and Reference letters should be correct and complete. If not, get an expert lawyer or consultant to ease your difficulties.

 Inquire your Canadian Immigration Consultant or Layer before hiring:

Due to the rapid increase in immigration demand, scams and fraudulent consultants cases are also evolving. Thus avoid scam by interrogating with following questions

  1. Ask Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) Registration no. for the Canada immigration consultants Toronto and Provisional Bar Association listing from Canada immigration lawyer in Toronto.
  2. Payment structure and Total Cost of Service.

Most of Canada Immigration lawyer works on flat or fixed-fee basis while few works on hourly rates. And since you are liable for legal fees from the outset, get a legal fee statement with you. It will be helpful against fraud.

  1. Clarification on contract tenure.

Before signing retainer agreement or contract, inquire them for the anticipated processing time of the immigration process. Once you are clear with it, go for signing the respective contract, inclusive of both Express Entry profile and ITA.

Employee-Client Relationship:- Below are the few points that will let up grab the best Canada immigration lawyer and Consultant in Toronto

  1. Clear and Simple expression

The best immigration lawyer would have the capacity to assist and direct you the legal formalities, laws & policies and your conflicting areas in a simple understandable manner.

  1. The lawyer or consultant will suggest the best immigration program for you
  2. They will let you know the fair chances of success and not manipulate you.
  3. They will properly are fairly disclose the fee structure and shade light on your available exposure.


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