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If your workplace or your own personal workload isn’t managed well, it can lead to feelings of burnout. Maybe you’ve experienced extremely overwhelming feelings in your current position or past jobs. Work burnout is a real symptom that affects your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. It doesn’t happen overnight and usually progresses through stages that can manifest in poor performance at work, withdrawal, feelings of anxiety, or even signs of depression. The good news is, you can get back on track and take good care of yourself before you get to the point of burnout. Here are a few concrete ways you may be able to avoid feeling burned out—or at least recognize it and take action.

Talk to Your Boss

This may seem difficult for some, but talking to your supervisor about your struggles or specific concerns can be very beneficial. There could be solutions that you’re unaware of or compromises to be made regarding their expectations. You don’t know until you talk to them directly. Your boss may suggest taking some time off for a reset. You could also request a personal day to reassess your approach to your mental health. Sometimes you may even need a few days to step away, recharge, and decide on a healthier method of addressing feelings of stress when you notice them.

Seek Support

Support can come in a variety of forms. It may help to talk to loved ones and friends about your work life. They might have some useful insight. It may also help to talk to a more neutral party, such as a therapist. If your employer offers access to a mental health workplace app, be sure to take advantage of this service. Whether it’s the AI-guided listening or the self-care library, a great app is a valuable tool you know you can rely on when you need it most. If your employer doesn’t offer a mental health app for the workplace, you could suggest it as a way for your office to prioritize employee mental health.

Use Your Vacation Time

If you have vacation time accumulated, use it! You’d be surprised how many people don’t use their vacation time or don’t take the opportunity to go on a rejuvenating vacation. When your employer offers benefits, it’s important to use them. If you take time off, away from the office, you may feel better about your job when you return.

Make Time for Brain-Breaks

Even if you take a three-day weekend or a week-long vacation, you should still periodically take time for yourself when you return to work. A break in the day may help you focus better or gain a new perspective in the moment. Try not to eat lunch at your desk. Think about going for a walk to clear your mind. Hit the gym if it’s convenient. Listen to mental wellbeing exercises on your phone. Or, go home and spend time with your animals if you live close by. There are tons of strategies you can use to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Be Open-Minded About Mindfulness

When it comes to mindfulness in the workplace, you may have to practice facing situations with patience and reserving judgment, not just for others but for yourself. That’s a tall order when you’re facing burnout. The practice of mindfulness has become more important than ever in the modern workplace. It’s about being aware of how you are feeling in the present moment without feeling like you need to immediately change it in that same moment. A proactive approach to your mental wellbeing at work can potentially help you avoid feeling burned out.

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