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Tips for choosing the right stream after class 10

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We all start thinking about our career right from Class 10 when we have to select stream or higher education line before getting into Class 11. When we are in Class 10, we along with our parents, start thinking about our stream, what we want to do in the future.
BDMI, one of the top CBSE schools in Kolkata, always suggests students take their own decision. We have our own counsellors to support students in their thought processes.
The days are gone when science or commerce was considered the ultimate career path. Today, career option has increased a lot. Students can choose their careers based on their interests, passion, and strengths. Based on future possibilities, Students must collect all the knowledge about the stream and career choices available in that stream.
In western countries, students have the freedom to choose streams after 10th CBSE, but in our country, students follow the crowd, their friends in choosing a stream, or get influenced by parents. Students should not choose any stream just because their friend did so or please their parents
BDMI, the CBSE board school in south Kolkata, came up with 5 most essential factors to help students decide the right stream for them after class 10
1. Self-Awareness
Self Awareness is the most important thing to be considered before we go for selecting a stream after class 10. It involves identifying own interests, understanding aptitude, and own skills. For example, if weak in any one of the subjects – Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, we will have a tough time understanding that subject in class 11 and class 12. Due to this, detailed strength-weakness analysis is necessary and important while choosing a stream.
2. Detailed Stream Knowledge and Information
Students must find out more and more information on the available streams and introspect themselves with respect to each field. They must find out each detail like subjects, difficulty level, higher education courses, and career prospects, etc. Also, list down details about professional courses that one may pursue after passing class 12 with a particular stream. It will help them get an idea about career prospects associated with that stream.
3. Counsellor Help
School Counsel plays a crucial role as students reach them and moreover believe them and their suggestions. AT BDMI, an English medium school in south kolkata, Students attend career guidance seminars and educational fairs where the experts assist them in discovering students’ potential and aptitude and accordingly suggest the right stream. They check students’ aptitude, interest and personality to consequently find out the stream that will best suit them.
4. Do not follow the crowd
Students stay together for the last so many years during their school days and for that students start getting influenced by their friends and end up taking streams that don’t even match their interests or skill set. This ultimately let to impact their career in the future. So it's very important to think wisely about the factors that will motivate throughout the course. Always choose a stream that matches your own interest, potential, and ability. Please don't follow the crowd.
5. Discussion with parents & teachers
Parents and teachers are among those people who know us very well and can easily judge the strengths and interests of a student. Both of them serve as a major influence on a child’s decision-making. So, guidance from those people always matters. However, their decision should not be imposed on students while choosing a stream but guidance, suggestions, and staying beside them as support is very important and crucial. A healthy discussion with parents or teachers and conveying about their own real happiness should not be missed out during this phase of the academic career.
BDMI, one of the top CBSE schools in Kolkata, always encourages its students to do what they love to do but definitely gives their best to what they do. We try to focus and their strength and streamline them so that their career goals can be fixed. We take individual care of each student.
Admissions for Session 2022-23 us going on. Join us to give your child the best career guidance and security. To know more about us, visit us at www.bdmi.org


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