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They are our companions every day two best friends who are there for you. We are talking about our feet. Many people underestimate how important our feet are for us. On average, we take about 2 million steps a year. With every step we take, our feet are under stress and perform amazingly. Do yourself and your feet a favor and make sure they stay healthy. Learn about more about foot health here and read our five everyday tips:

Tip 1: Wear the right shoes!

It is very important to pay attention to the ideal fit of the footwear. Too tight or too wide, both are wrong. Shoes that are too tight can not only cause blisters and redness, but also growth defects and malpositioning of the foot. If the shoes are too big, the foot slides back and forth too much inside. This can lead to sprains in the toes. In addition, it is advisable to wear high heels only in masses. This has to do with the shortening of the foot muscles and the incorrect load in the forefoot.

Tip 2: Strengthen your feet with small, regular exercises

The stronger and more trained the muscles of the foot, the healthier they are. Therefore, it is recommended to strengthen the muscles through small exercises in everyday life. For example, try to grasp and lift various objects with your toes, using a handkerchief, a biro or something else. Furthermore, you can calm down stressed feet by coordinating movements, for example spreading your toes.

Tip 3: Stretch and massage the feet

The muscles, ligaments and tendons of your foot can become cramped and shortened during the day. Stretch your foot regularly to relieve the pressure or massage it gently with your hands. Everyday objects such as a tennis ball can also be helpful by placing it under the foot and applying pressure and massaging in circular motions for a soothing massage.

Tip 4: Promote blood circulation

Putting your feet up and taking the weight off them for a few minutes does wonders for swollen and stressed feet. All our products also have a supporting effect Compression socks which promote relaxation of the muscles and support the transport of oxygen to the muscle.

Tip 5: The right care

Well-groomed feet simply feel better. That is why it is important to take care of your feet and see them for what they are, a masterpiece of nature. That is why we recommend that you care for them accordingly. Perfectly suited for daily foot care is, for example, the Valley Foot Care Cream.

Final words

If you have persistent discomfort at the base of your big toe joint, along with a growing bump, it’s likely a bunion. Call the bunion expert in Chattanooga nearest you or schedule a consultation online today.



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