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Tips for Maintenance of Weatherboards

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Weatherboards are impeccably beautiful and with proper maintenance, they go a long way. The weatherboard requires proper weatherboard maintenance and comes with different types of cladding that leave an instant street appeal and add charm to their timeless beauty. 

Weatherboard cladding is majorly chosen by property owners as it allows them to reap the benefits of wood sides. The investment in a home generates high returns when cleaned properly and also enhances the lifespan.

Proper Finishes

The wood must have received proper finishes with the cedar painting or clear sealer to give it an incredible that stays long. When left unprotected it can cause major damage related to rot and decay caused by the moisture. The wood expands and contracts that encounters normal changes in humidity and temperature. These changes tend to damage the paint and finishes tend to chip and crack over time and put stress on the caulked seams near the windows, doors, and corners. 

The cedar painting comes in a series of colors that can be changed at any time. The wood cladding must be repainted in the period of five to ten years depending on the quality of the product or if the paint finish deteriorates easily paint it before the damage is huge.

The stain is one of the best choices for wood as it allows the beauty of the grain to show through. The stain penetrates through wood fibers and seals them against the moisture which also acts as a resistance to cracking and chipping that directly affects the paint.

A clear sealer prevents the moisture from damage and allows the wood to get its natural colors and when reapplied every two years it gives off the same result. The clear sealers were formulated to slow down the process as natural wood regardless of the species turns gray when it catches direct sunlight for years. 

Wood Cladding

The house gets the most damage by hitting the siding with sticks and stones from the lawnmower or other objects. Wood Cladding causes major damage due to unforeseen changes in atmospheric moisture. The repairing of wood cladding requires the experts to remove damaged weatherboards or perform things for weatherboard maintenance by hiring a professional carpenter or siding contractor. 

Stain Cleaning

Dirt causes major discoloration on the wood and cleaning annually with soft bristles brush can increase the longevity. Dividing the house into different sections and cleaning each one from top to bottom and rinsing them properly before moving on to the next coat. Clean the area by using mild soapy water also when cleaning wears eye protection and also side the plants.

Weatherboards encounter dark black splotches and vertical streaks caused by the metal's fasteners such as nails or screws. If the wood has encountered discoloration with age that can be restored by applying a wood cleaner or brightener as these products are used on the wood decks that you can get from any nearby hardware store or professional maintenance company that could ease things for you in no time.


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