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Does your morning beauty routine ever take too long? That time lost could be spent preparing for the day, eating breakfast, or taking a few moments to center yourself and relax before the day really begins. Thankfully, with some planning, preparation, and the right products, that time can be reclaimed. For instance, a luxury eyeliner stamp can make stylish looks effortless.

Plan and Prepare the Night Before

A bit of prep the day before can save a lot of precious time in the morning. Here are some tips to follow before the next day arrives.

Plan Your Look

Scrambling to piece together your look the morning of tends to be a hassle. Instead, plan out your look the night before, including your outfit, hair, and makeup choices.

Prepare Your Look

Once a look is planned, prepare everything that can be handled the night before. Set aside everything you’re going to wear, including jewelry. Consider applying dry shampoo before bed to give you fabulous volume in the morning. Setting up nighttime braids, curlers, or buns can also make for gorgeous morning hair. And an overnight mask is always an option for a fresh morning face.

Organize Your Products

Finally, with your look both planned and prepped, organize the products you’ll need for your morning routine. Burning time looking for the right product, shade, or brush is a frustration no one needs.

Choose Products That Make for a More Effortless Routine

Make a point to choose products based on how they’ll look and how effectively they’ll simplify your routine. For instance, traditionally, the chic and classic winged cat eye look can be tricky to perfect and time-consuming to redo. However, that’s not the case with a luxury winged eyeliner stamp. Products like that, the ones that successfully make stylish and sophisticated looks effortless to achieve, are an invaluable addition to any cosmetics collection.

Combine and Use Multipurpose Products

Combining products and making the most of multipurpose options is another helpful hack. For instance, combining cream bronzer or highlighter with your favorite moisturizing lotion makes for a natural-looking tan. A winged eyeliner stamp can offer two products in one convenient vessel. And finally, look for multipurpose, versatile products, like eyeshadow sticks that can double as highlighters and so on.

Keep Some Simple, Low-Maintenance Looks in Mind

Of course, even with all the planning, preparation, and innovative products in the world, sometimes life has other ideas. Just in case, keep some classy, simple, and low-maintenance looks on the back burner. Some mornings, your best option is to go for a ponytail, a simple part, or a bun accented by your favorite hair sticks. A colorful headband is a fun way to complement your look while taming your hair on days when it’s just not cooperating or you’re low on time.

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