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Tips for Moving Safely While You are Pregnant

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A baby on the way is great news, but it comes with a set of many responsibilities. Taking care of yourself is a big task itself. While most parents delay the house move until the delivery, you should know that things will get even more hectic once the baby arrives. You should schedule a house move as soon as possible to ensure everything is transported safely. Hamilton Movers will help make your moving seamless.

In this post, we have listed a few effective tips for carrying out the moving safely while you are pregnant. Let’s take a look:

Take Plenty of Time for Packing

Last-minute hassle should be avoided at all costs. Not only will it take a toll on your health, but packing everything 2-3 days before the move often results in chaos. You don’t want to stuff your accessories and house decor items in one box.

Mixing up your house stuff can make it super overwhelming for homeowners to sort the cardboard boxes after a move. So, it is best to start packing at least 5-6 weeks before the moving day. This should give you enough time to order packing accessories and keep a separate box for each room.

A Separate Bag for Your Pregnancy Items

Your pills, medical reports, foods, and other pregnancy-related stuff must be packed in a separate bag. Name this box as “essential kits” and put everything you can’t do without. Nobody has time to open each box just to find the pills they are supposed to take after lunch. Or, you can’t unpack your wardrobe boxes to find loose and comfy outfits. Keep a couple of boxes for pregnancy-related items and keep them with you throughout the moving process.

Take Professional Help

You can’t move your house alone or with a friend’s or relative’s help, especially during pregnancy. Safety should always be your top priority when planning a move. Never bend, lift heavy items, and struggle with furniture. Sydney to Brisbane removalists are available at your disposal. They will ensure safe and seamless transportation of your house.

Leave the moving, loading, and unloading tasks to others while you take care of the packing part. Hire a reputable and professional mover for a house move. Movers specialize in carrying heavy pieces of furniture, delicate items, and other precious stuff safely to the transportation truck. They will also help you with unloading and arranging these cardboard boxes in your new home.

Hire a Cleaning Company in Advance

Most landlords require you to clean and dust the house after your home accessories are loaded on the truck. It isn’t safe for you to clean the space, as it will require unnecessary exposure to the chemicals and dust. You should book a cleaning service for your house in advance. They will help deep-clean the interiors and exteriors of your current home after moving.

Follow the above tips for a safe and hassle-free move with the removalists Newcastle.



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