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Tips for Selecting a Perfect Loft Bed

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Designing the interior of a small house comes with many challenges. Moreover, deciding upon the kid's room interior can be difficult. The answer to all these problems is a loft bed with storage. Keep reading to know how to select a perfect loft bed.

Age of the Kid

Before selecting a perfect loft bed, one must look at the factors like the age and maturity of a child. Loft beds are not safe for children up to 6 years of age. Moreover, not all children over six years of age can use loft beds safely. Safety is the top priority when it comes to children. Therefore, it should be critically examined whether the child is ready to use a loft bed or not.

The Requirements and Uses

Loft beds are big space savers. Therefore, loft beds need to be selected according to their needs and uses. Space beneath a loft bed can be used in various ways. Some people like to use this space for a desk. Desks are one of the best uses of the space beneath a loft bed. However, people often use the space beneath a loft bed for storage. This space is great for storing the articles of daily use. Moreover, they are easily accessible.

The Height of the Ceiling

The height of the ceiling plays an important role in determining the type of loft bed. An ideal height of a ceiling from the mattress should be enough to have a 33 to 36 inches gap. However, if the ceiling height is lower than that, it is preferred to use an extremely thin mattress. Moreover, the better alternative for lower ceilings can be a low loft bed. Moreover, they can be customized as well. However, it is recommended to consider the height of the child for building a customized loft bed.

Size of the Room

The size of a room is another deciding factor for a loft bed. Loft beds are perfect for small rooms. They are perfect as they serve every need of children. A loft bed can provide space for storage, a play area, a study desk, and a sleeping area space. Therefore, it can be a perfect option for small rooms. However, a large room can provide extra space.

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