Tips for selecting the right handbag

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Handbags are relatively inexpensive accessories, but they can make or break an outfit. A good handbag is not only the perfect place to store your wallet, cell phone, and makeup, it should also complement your wardrobe. If you spend a lot of time shopping for clothes, then you likely know that some items look great together while others clash horribly. 

The trick to selecting handbags that work well with other pieces in your wardrobe is knowing what colors go well together. Although certain color combinations are certainly more popular than others, sometimes even odd color combinations will work if they suit your personal style. To help get you started on choosing the right bags for yourself or gifts for friends, here are several tips for pairing handbags with different colored clothes. 

The first step is to determine whether you want the bag to be the focal point of your outfit, or if it should blend in. For example, if you are wearing all black, then an orange purse will likely look out of place and draw attention away from your ensemble. On the other hand, pairing a gold purse with brown clothing might not work well because they're both dark colors that blend together. For bags that will be highlighted in your ensemble; choose clothing that is either complementary or contrasting. 

Complementary looks better when the two items are touching each other while contrasting looks better when there's at least one solid color between them. As an example, red shoes go well with a white purse because they are contrasting colors while dark blue pants would go well with both a black and blue bag. After determining whether you want your bag to be the focal point or if it should blend in, next consider your body type and color preference. If you have a smaller frame, then choose neutral-colored bags that don't draw attention away from your overall look. 

For example, wearing a bright red purse as a petite woman might not work as well as a cream-colored handbag would. However, tall women can pull off nearly any color because their bodies already command attention. For ladies who prefer brighter colors; many fashion experts recommend sticking to one dominant color when choosing bags and shoes to match. This works well for tall women who will be able to carry off almost any color choice, but women who are shorter might want to consider looking for shoes that only have one high-contrast accent. 

One final tip is to pay attention to where you're headed when picking out the right bag. For example, if you'll be spending lots of time in outdoor places like parks or beaches; think about choosing something lightweight and weatherproof instead of a leather purse. Your needs may vary depending on your personal style, but these tips should help get you started with finding the perfect handbag for every occasion!

 All about goth purses

 Goth women love purses – and they're usually pretty stylish about it. Below we've listed some of the top features you should look for in a good goth purse.

 I'm sure there are plenty more things to consider, but this is a great start! Here's what we recommend:

 1) Look for handles and shoulder straps made from black leather. If you can find metal or silver studs or hardware, all the better! If you want something really special, see if local artists will custom-make your purse according to your specifications. 

2) Goth purses come with several unique compartments in varying shapes and sizes. These are useful when trying to keep everything organized so that eventually “everything” doesn't become just “one thing”. 

3) Make sure the opening to your goth purse is wide enough so it's easy to see what's inside. We all know what a hassle it can be to fish around for something tiny in an oversized bag! Also, if you tend to lose or misplace things like sunglasses or lip gloss often, look for goth purses with clear pockets on the outside of the bag where you can store them for easy access. 

4) Goth purses are usually pretty sturdy and weather-proof (perfect if that means rain or shine!), but some materials may require special care. For example, velvet tends to attract lint and other tiny particles more than most fabrics; leather gets scratched easily; etc. Be sure you know the best way to clean and care for your purse before you buy it. 

5) Check out the stitching on your goth purse (more LessLoss blog entries about that here). You should be able to stitch through several layers of material without breaking your needles! If the seams look flimsy, they probably are. 

6) The shape of your goth purse is also important. Shorter handles or straps might get in the way when you've got a lot of stuff inside; longer ones tend to get caught more often on things like doorknobs and car doors. And… if you can find one with wheels, all the better! These types of purses are great for conventions – just pull them behind you as you walk, freeing up your hands to hold a program or a drink. 

7) Finally – as always – be sure to look for goth purses from vendors you trust so you know they'll have to stay power and won't fall apart on you after just a few uses!


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