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Tips For Styling Your Queen Or King Sized Bed

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A king- or queen-sized bed is the focal point of your bedroom, the fortress of your sleep, and the opulent car that takes you directly to sleep.

How shall we put it? A king or queen-sized bed unquestionably commands attention. But what kind of statement are you making if all that's on your magnificent bed is a comforter and a few carelessly thrown-together pillows? Large space entails enormous responsibility.

While there isn't really a requirement to decorate your king bed in a certain way, there are plenty of options, so let's get started. We'll go over how to decorate a king- or queen-sized bed below for optimal comfort and a lovely look.

How Should a King or Queen Size Bed Be Styled?

A) Visualize many layers

Consider your king-sized bed as a white canvas. That area can be decorated with a wide variety of hues, designs, and textures. The easiest, most visually pleasing approach to achieve that is through a series of consistent, slightly different layers, much like a well-done collage.

In order to style a king-sized bed, start with the foundational items, such as your linens and blankets:

  • a single fitted sheet

  • one flat sheet neatly folded over

  • one comforter, quilt, or duvet

  • Over that, add one blanket.

Pillows are the next step, so move over. Leaning into the layering effect once more for your pillow arrangement will help you get the full look of a king or queen-sized bed fit for Pinterest:

  • 2 regular pillows

  • one lengthy lumbar bolster or pillow

  • Three throw pillows are nicely arranged

Layering is always a good idea for huge beds, whether they are king or queen sized. Pillow and blanket layers provide an atmosphere of complete coziness. But if you want to go for a more relaxed or minimalistic look, you can always make this visually appealing design simpler. Just remember that layers, no matter what kind they are, are your friends.

B) Combine neutral hues and designs

Just as significant as the layers themselves are the designs of these distinct layers. You can find yourself toeing a narrow line between plain and something so congested that it appears chaotic when using the expansive canvas of a king or queen sized bed.

Picking a color palette that works well together is the simplest method to design a stunning king bed look. This typically consists of one or two neutral hues—like white and beige or brown—and one or two accent hues.

Start with a duvet cover with a pattern you like. Once you've chosen a pattern you like, you may easily choose colors to match it or to pull from inside the pattern itself.

To make a bed that feels unified without becoming boring, strike a balance between neutral tones, bold color pops, and bold patterns:

  • Starting with a neutral hue for your linens and pillows will give you a good foundation. The majority of the time, white works nicely, but you can also choose from shades of beige, grey, brown, or even black.

  • The greatest visible item on your bed is the duvet cover or comforter, which has a faint design. If you choose a pattern that is too colorful or busy, it might dominate the rest of your design. Straightforward prints like stripes, geometric designs, and muted florals, as well as items that are primarily monochromatic, are simple to style.

  • Accent colors that stand out — When you consider the overall design of your bed, you don't want all the vibrant hues or patterns to be concentrated in one area. Disperse your accents. For instance, get one or two vivid throw pillows, a coverlet or throw blanket with accents, and a colorful lumbar cushion or bolster that matches the design on your duvet.

The best way to dress a bed is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. This is simply adaptable to meet your individual taste or the bedding you currently have. The secret is to work toward a balance.

C) Select a footboard or headboard (Or Both)

Think of a headboard as the centerpiece of your centerpiece — the cherry on top of a sleep sundae — if your bed is the focal point of your master bedroom.

The ideal way to coordinate the design of your bed with the rest of the room is with a headboard (and optional matching footboard). Pick a layout that combines the bedding, wall color, other furniture, and decor's styles and hues.

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