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When you write a biography, you have to face difficulties as a student. You may face two situations that will make your biography writing uninteresting and weak. The first is lack of knowledge, leading you to put information that is uninteresting and does not arouse or hold the reader’s attention. As a result, you might end up making a weak biography, which should be avoided. The second situation occurs when you make the biography worse by putting an overabundance of words. Therefore, online biography writing services emerge in a student’s mind to seek help from a biography expert.

Keep reading this post to learn how to write a biography and what information you should include in it.

Purpose of a Biography

A biography aims to share the life and career of a person with your readers. Being an author, you may write a biography because you find the story of a subject very interesting and meaningful to your audience. A biography is a project that teachers also assign to students as a research and writing project.

Some authors write biography when they find that an interesting subject has not been discussed very much and there is a lack of information about them. You may also choose a biography to be written to update the readers with facts that the past biographies may have missed.

Stories containing a biography on a subject can be motivational, shedding light on the subject’s achievements and discussing how the figure struggled or overcame hardship.

Tips for Writing an Engaging Biography

Do In-Depth Research

Although you know much about the subject you are going to discuss in a biography, you need to do in-depth research so that you paint a comprehensive picture of the subject. If you are discussing a historical figure, it is important to present the timeline of the overall life and how it affected the subject.

The most reliable source to get authentic information about the subject is primary sources. You can review interviews, memoirs, emails, journal entries, and so on. Other primary sources include the subject’s personal website, social media profile, Twitter bio, and others.

Secondary sources are also reliable. These include documentaries, books, and magazines, which can be used if you find accurate information.

Information to Include in a Biography

When writing a biography of a person, you should not miss the following information about the person:

  • Date and birthplace
  • Studies and career
  • Interests
  • The field of the person whom they are known for
  • Achievements or what the person has done so far

These are some most essential pieces of information that should be included in a biography. For example, when writing a biography of a known author, you need to discuss books the author has written, the overall career in which they have professed, the achievements made so far, and so on. 

You have to include basic information about the subject’s life. However, you can also include the subject’s relationships with family members in a biography, along with memorable events associated with the subject’s childhood and high school days by highlighting how those influenced their upbringing.

Put your Thoughts

Remember that a transaction of facts is not enough. In a biography, you should also share your own thoughts and opinions on the subject’s life and career. If you find and include some achievements made by the subject, you as a biography author can put why you feel that moment was meaningful, how the subject’s achievements affected the society as a whole, and so on.

Including your own thoughts will support why the subject you are writing on deserves to be discussed. This way, you can keep the audience engaged from the very beginning to the end.


A biography is all about discussing and highlighting the overall life and the various accomplishments associated with a real person, who can be any known figure. However, a biography is more than these facts, meaning that you can also include your opinions about the subject’s story. Overall, a biography comes to life with some motivational and inspiring stories told from start to end.

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