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Tips on How You Can Use Shikho App in School

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Using Shikho app in school is a wonderful way to enhance your skills in your subject. It is also a great way to learn new things that you may not have known before.

Free to use for seven days
Using the gamification concept borrowed from the Nike Run Club app, Shikho aims to teach students in grades 9 to 12. The platform is built to address the challenge of online learning by giving users points for various activities. These points feed into a leaderboard. Each user can also earn unique badges for reaching milestones and completing tests quickly.

In addition to the gamification system, Shikho also offers a free seven-day trial to access content. Initially, it focused on general Shikho learning app 9 and 10. It is now expanding to cover grades 9 to 12. The content is based on the Bangladeshi National Curriculum and is produced by subject experts. It also features animated videos, practice questions, and detailed solutions. It also has smart notes, which are digital materials that replace study guides.

Scholarships for SSC and HSC students
Using the Shikho app is a great way to improve your SSC and HSC test scores. In addition to providing practice tests, Shikho also offers live classrooms, animated video lessons, and other resources to help you succeed. The company also offers a suite of performance analytics.

The company is sponsored by the Telco giant ROBI, a well-known name in the Bangladesh telecom industry. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store. It has many features such as an interactive live classroom, performance analytics, pre-recorded lecture videos, and various skill development courses. The app also offers a series of blog entries and other useful tips and tricks.

The company is aiming to expand its services to include high school students in the coming years. To qualify for the scholarships, students must meet certain eligibility requirements. They must also be in the top 30 percent of their graduating class and have a good grade point average. In addition, they must not be in default on federal or state financial aid.

Text-based materials
Using the Shikho app in school for text-based materials is a great way to make learning more fun. With the app, students can access high-quality digital content and live classes with expert teachers. They also receive relevant notes with each lesson.

The Shikho app features video lessons, text-based resources, and smart notes. The company plans to build a platform for schools and parents to access its content. It is also building an offline sales team to sell its services in front of schools.

The company has already received funding from Learn Capital, a global ed-tech investment firm based in Silicon Valley. The company has also launched a pilot product that includes 122 video lectures and 700 smart notes. The team plans to add more courses in the next six months.

Gamification system
Using gamification techniques in the learning process can help improve educational outcomes. Shikho, a start-up based in Bangladesh, has developed a system to promote student engagement.

The app uses a gamification system to help students understand difficult concepts. It includes animated videos, point-scoring systems, and live classes. This app has over 10,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. Its team of subject matter experts creates content based on the Bangladesh National Curriculum.

The app has a recommendation engine to help users make the most out of the platform. There are also daily and weekly events that keep students engaged. There are also badges and trophies to display on users' profiles.

The app also has a point system that feeds into a leaderboard, which shows the performance of the player in relation to other users. This makes the app more interesting.

Launching with one subject
During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of new ed-tech start-ups emerged. One of them is Shikho, a digital education platform in Bangladesh that uses technology to democratize education. It provides high quality education at affordable price.

The Shikho team has been working hard to create content for students and teachers. It plans to expand its content creation in the coming six months. Its academic program aims to improve the delivery of the Bangladesh National Curriculum. It is also planning to add vocational skill-building to its curriculum.

Shikho has a team of more than 300 members. They include subject matter experts and script writers. They have also hired students from different universities with degrees in applied mathematics. They have worked hard to create high quality digital content.

Shikho is currently offering mathematics courses for Grades 9-10. The courses have a duration of 700 minutes. The math course is divided into 17 chapters. It includes 120 video lectures and over 1,000 diagrams. Besides the videos, the app also has digital materials called “smart notes” that accompany the videos. These materials include practice problems with detailed solutions.




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