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Tips on Saving Money When Moving with Cheap Movers

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Moving can get expensive quickly between transportation costs, supplies, and hiring professional movers. While DIY moves ultimately seem frugal, attempting significant best movers without proper equipment, packing know-how, and workforce results in damaged belongings or injuries.

Hiring professional cheap movers offers the middle ground – professional moving services without premium pricing. The key lies in researching reputable, affordable local moving companies rather than grabbing the lowest bid.

Here are tips for saving money on your relocation using budget-friendly movers without sacrificing quality:

Carefully Vet Professional Yet Cheap Movers

Many professional movers offer competitive pricing that is more palatable than big van lines' premium charges. Search online for “cheap movers” near you and read reviews thoroughly. Look for:

Established several years No major complaints Responsive to concerns Licensed/insured/bonded While rock-bottom, too-good-to-be-true prices may indicate inexperience or bait-and-switch tactics, companies taking losses to undercut competitors also raise red flags.

Get In-Home Estimates from at Least 3 Movers

Phone or web estimates need to be more accurate compared to in-home visits. Responsible movers should provide free, no-strings in-home estimates assessing your belongings and logistics firsthand. Moving company costs break down by:

Hourly or per-piece labor rates Packing supplies/services Distance-based transportation fees Additional services charges Refrain from assuming the cheapest estimate guarantees the lowest overall cost due to inconsistencies in vague verbal estimates. Thoroughly vet 3+ movers of similar size/years in business. Compare binding written estimates outlining specific charges expected. Ask questions and clarify any gray areas upfront.

Query Prospective Movers About Cost Saving Bundles

Many local moving companies offer package deals with baked-in discounts compared to pricing all services separately.

Cost savers may include:

Bundling packing supplies with labor Combining junk removal with transportation Multi-service package discounts Off-peak season savings New customer/referral rewards Try negotiating further discounts on top of bundle rates by agreeing to payment terms favorable to the company. Paying some portion upfront or in cash upon delivery motivates additional rate discounts. Just ensure you receive guaranteed pricing in writing first before paying deposits.

DIY Packing Lowers Labor Costs

Full-service movers charge hefty rates for the luxury of doing everything for you – packing, loading, transportation, unloading, clean up, etc. Those with time and organization skills can realize significant savings by packing possessions themselves following pro tips:

Use free used boxes from local retailers vs buying new Pack room-by-room labeling contents clearly Protect fragile items extra carefully Load boxes by weight – heavy on bottom, light on top Don't overload boxes over 50 pounds Wrap furniture blankets protect finishes from dings With personal items already boxed up by you, hire movers for efficient loading, transporting, and unloading. Just be sure to declare self-packed boxes requiring more excellent care.

Carefully Decide What Moves vs Selling

Before even requesting Long Distance Moving Services Wesley Chapel moving quotes, minimize costs by reducing what gets transferred. Analyze possessions by three categories:

It is a move & worth paying for Donate/gift – usable but not essential Junk – recycle/trash broken/unwanted items Ideally, this process begins weeks in advance, allowing time to sell quality used items.

Schedule During Movers' Off-Peak Times

While challenging to orchestrate, moving during typically slower seasons or days for the moving industry could score discounts as companies incentivize filling unused slots.

Winter discounts – Best rates often appear December- February when fewer people voluntarily move in colder months. Just watch for slippery conditions. Mid-week vs weekends – Fridays through Sundays peak with personal moves so that companies may offer midweek incentives. This also increases the likelihood of the same crew throughout. Schedule near month's end – Some companies offer last-minute savings on unfilled jobs nearing the end of the month as sales managers push to hit volume bonuses. Just ensure no bait-and-switch tactics. If flexibility allows, inquire about discounts for off-peak timings when requesting quotes. Just confirm any verbal promises in writing!


Paying extra for complete value protection or purchasing third-party insurance supplements better protects precious possessions and peace of mind in rare cases of loss or damage. Read all policies closely regarding limitations and claims processes.

These tips will help you save significantly on your upcoming move! As one of Portland's highest-rated low-cost movers for over 15 years, Wesley Chapel Relocation Services understands blending first-class service with affordability.


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