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GRE or General Record Examinations is a regulatory test that is conducted as a prerequisite for admission in most of the graduate schools and universities. It includes standard topics such as analytical writing skills, aptitude tests, logical reasoning, qualitative and quantitative questions, and more. It is a widely accepted examination test that fuels the purpose of admission of students into business schools. GRE includes multiple-choice questions and is conducted on either computer-based programs or through the conventional method- in person. The three major qualifying categories mentioned above are the prerequisites that a graduate must have in order to be selected for employment. 

GRE is also widely accepted as merit that every graduate must have accomplished before applying for an internship or permanent job. This also stands as an essential qualification for higher studies like Masters and Ph.D. Since this is considered a major YES in a graduate’s application letter, credible universities accept GRE scores and judge their potential basis the same.

Eliminate answer choices in sentence equivalence

GRE includes sentence equivalence questions that have a set of simple instructions that a candidate has to follow while attempting the examination. It instructs you to select two or more words to frame two sentences which have a similar meaning. It also involves choosing synonymous words to produce sentences but can get confusing if the context is not understood in advance. For instance, the question asks you to select two words that are similar in meaning and can fit right in the blank space to complete the sentence, given the condition that the two sentences formed are equivalent.

The trick one can use in this section is to eliminate the answer choices that are not related to each other in any sense, thus they are simply not the contextual choices for the sentence and you will be left with fewer options amongst which you can choose the right one. 

Map Passages

GRE requires extensive reading sessions that will help you to ace the comprehensive passage section. As reading such long essays takes most of your time, there are smart tricks that can aid your ability to answer quicker. Once you start to read the passage, anticipate the topic of the passage from the first couple of lines, as the crux can be well observed from them. Observe the tone of the passage, it either will be neutral or strong, based on the kind of objectives that are used. Highlight the key details of the passage so you can look back to cross-check your answers as it saves a lot of time. Reread the highlights and look for the author’s implied meaning from phrases he/she has used or nouns that are focussed on to better understand the context. 

Compare quantities instead of calculating in quantitative comparison

The quantitative comparison section holds almost 30-35% of weightage and can single-handedly contribute to scaling your score. If one wishes to score well in GRE, then handling this section well will let you win half the battle conveniently. QC questions are different from standard math problems that are taught in school, the answer choices are unique and can be perplexing sometimes. The trick to gain expertise in this section is to practice the basics of answering questions, as the strategy is almost similar to every other question, and once you know how and from where to begin, you can ace this segment. 

Pick numbers in problem-solving

Problem-solving questions allow you to move ahead with every calculated step that helps you solve the question with a standard method. A general mathematical problem needs to be solved in three basic steps which are simple to understand and jot down. The first step is to read the problem and acknowledge the given statements and equations. Jot down the equations that you think are necessary for the answer and coordinate it with the method you’ll be using. Evaluate the problem with one strategy you think can help answer the question, be it a method you used in your math problem or from any booklet. The ideal strategy should be to remain flexible and simple with your approach so that your time is not misspent. The last step is to crosscheck the answer by reading the question again and self-questioning whether you have arrived at the solution.

Focus on triangles in Geometry

The next and most scoring segment is Geometry. The formulas associated with triangles include simple rules and explanations that are pretty easy to understand. Triangles are one of the most frequent shapes on which the questions are based, related to angles and lines. Understand the types of triangles, formulas, and theorems to simply the questions in the first place and then begin with the answer.

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