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Tips to Enhance Your Memory Power for Better Learning

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What are the chances of increasing your memory? It is a major worry for adults that they will be unable to live independently due to their age. You can enhance your memory through a variety of activities at theInternational School in Bangalore



Pay Close Attention

One of the key elements of memory is attention. You must actively pay attention to information for it to transfer from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. Make sure you find a quiet place to study without being distracted by music, television, or other distractions.

It could be challenging to eliminate distractions, especially if rowdy housemates or obnoxious kids surround you.

Acquire new knowledge

Memory power is equivalent to physical power. But lifting the same weight every day won't make you any stronger. You'll need to continually push your mind. A fantastic method to improve your brain's memory is to learn a new skill.

Try not to cram.

You'll have the time you need to properly process knowledge if you study the content over several sessions. According to ongoing research, students who routinely study retain the information much better than those who conduct all of their studying in a single marathon session.

Create a plan and organize

According to research, memories group relevant pieces of information together.

By structuring and arranging the stuff you're studying, you can benefit from this at International School in Bangalore


. To assist organize related concepts, try grouping relevant terms and concepts together or creating an outline from your notes and textbook readings.

Make Use of Mnemonic Devices

Students frequently employ mnemonic devices as a recall tool. Mnemonics are merely ways of aiding memory. Using a commonplace object that you are already familiar with could help you remember a word.

Utilize each sense you have.

Memory experts also employ the strategy of using many senses to aid in information retention. They instead connect the information to other sensations, such as colors, tastes, and odours.

Create and Practice

You must store the knowledge you are learning in long-term memory in order to retrieve it later. Elaborative rehearsal is among the most efficient encoding methods.

This method might be used, for instance, to read the definition of a crucial term, study it, and then read a more in-depth explanation of what it means. You'll probably realize that recalling the knowledge is significantly easier after repeating this method a few times.

Avoid using Google immediately away.

Although it has its uses, modern technology has unluckily contributed to our “mental laziness.” Make a serious effort to find the information with your thoughts before using Siri or Google on your phone. Your brain's neuronal networks are strengthened as a result of this process.

Change up your study habits.

Altering your study habit from time to time is a fantastic additional strategy for improving recall. If you typically study in a particular spot, consider switching it up for your next study session. Try spending a few minutes every morning revisiting the material you studied the previous night if you study in the evening.

Be organized.

A person who is organized is better at remembering things. One useful tool for organizations is a checklist. The likelihood that you'll recall what you've written down on your checklist is also increased if you write it down manually rather than electronically.

Get some rest

The value of sleep for memory and learning has long been recognized by researchers. According to research, napping after learning something new can actually speed up your learning process and improve your memory.


Above mentioned tips are the best for your kid which helps them to enhance their memory power for better learning. Which they can do at International School in Bangalore




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