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Tips to Find the Best Catalytic Converter Buyer

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Whether you are a scrap dealer, or just replacing the catalytic converter from your vehicle, you must know that there is handsome money behind selling your scrap catalytic converter, and on top of that, the companies that buy the catalytic converter, always do the catalytic converter recycling, which is beneficial for the environment also. 

Well, a catalytic converter contains precious metals inside it, specifically Rhodium, Palladium, & Platinum which are the most valuable scrap material inside your catalytic converter. These materials inside the catalytic converter are of very high cost and can be costed between $500-$700 per unit. 

So, it’s very vital to understand the best scrap catalytic converter buyers. Hence, below are the tips to find authentic buyers that will always quote the right price for your catalytic converter. 

How to Sell Catalytic Converter?
You can find different types of companies or we can say scrap dealers in the market that buy the catalytic converter. Moreover, there is a large recycling industry that requires a catalytic converter. 

These recyclers have the most requirement for a catalytic converter between 500 to 1000 converters. The Auto Salvage yards and the scrap dealers also provide catalytic converter recycling services. 

However, if you are someone who doesn’t have enough catalytic converter to directly sell ut out to the metal refinery. Then, you can also look online for some companies or buyers that buy the minimum amount of catalytic converters also. 

For your information, we have heard a lot about QLD Catalytic Converter, so in case you are looking for dealers, you can check them out also, along with the other companies. 

Tips to Find the Best Catalytic Converter Buyer

Recycling the catalytic converter is very beneficial for the environment. So, it’s very important to find out a reliable catalytic converter buyer. So, here are some key ideas that you must keep in your mind. 

  • Look if the Company is Real

If you search online, you can straightforwardly look for the best scrap catalytic converter buyers, but it’s very important to charter the company you are actually looking for. Here are a few things, you must look for a company as reputable one. 

  • Location of the Company

Just try to understand where the company is located, and do they deal internationally. Or, whether they are a local scrap yard, just be sure that it’s a real business. 

  • Online Reviews

Check on google or Facebook, reviews of the customer, to find out whether the company is legitimate or not, and what is the quality of services the company provides. 

  • Are They Clear About The Process?

Make sure that the website of the company or any Facebook page of the company clearly states how they go through the pricing, and what is the overall paying process. 

  • How Much Do They Pay?

Before selling your catalytic converter, just make sure to have a clear idea about the payment option, and also is it reliable or not. Always ask, whether they will pay you before or after they receive the material. 

Are they going to pay for the shipping, or do you have to lose your pocket? Always confirm the payment option and protection. The reason we are telling you this is because, there are many catalytic converter recycling companies that always keep the communication vague about the process, and then make more than usual time while doing the payment. 

Moreover, sometimes, the companies don’t even pay, and the customers have to bear the loss. This results in an unfaithful deal, and then the customers are not willing to trust any online dealers anymore. 

  • How Do They Quote The Price?

Some of the scrap catalytic converter buyers always state the price of your vehicle’s catalytic converter, based on the year/make/model of the vehicle. But, you must know that this is not a complete pricing technique. 

Many cars have low market value, while one with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) has more value in the market. So, the scrap dealers who quote the prices based on the serial number, always quote the accurate price and also know what they are looking for. 

Moreover, some catalytic converters don’t have serial numbers, so these catalytic converter recycling companies look at the unit photos to state the pricing grade. 

What Are They Asking You For?

The buyers might ask you for information like name/address, while some others might not ask for anything. You always have to keep an eye to see whether they are legitimate or not.

You can simply understand this by determining the information they are asking from you, and if they aren’t asking anything, then why not. Moreover, many of the scrap catalytic converter buyers in Australia have standards for logging scrap transactions. 

Well, this is a legal process, when the companies buy scrap, they keep your information on their files, and always comply with the state laws when contracted about the previous transactions. 

Wrapping Up

In summary, knowing what your catalytic converter wants and how you are expected to work while getting quotes, payment, and other guarantees is very essential. 

Now, if you have any further questions about selling your catalytic converter, feel free to write us in the comment section below. 



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