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12 Tips to Get Prepared before Moving Abroad with Children

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Nowadays the number of families moving abroad with children is increasing at a breathtaking pace. The relocation is not so easy for parents, but for children, it is particularly challenging and stressful. This selection of moving tips will definitely smooth this process for both parents and kids.

​1. Stand on Your Own Two Feet

First of all, you should think about getting a job overseas. In order to make your job search successful, do your homework. Tell your kids about your plans and it's imperative to involve them in researching countries your family will move to. Then think of the work field, companies, and positions you are interested in.

Make research and get familiar with all the information: browse the company's history, culture and read the job description carefully to get a better understanding of your main responsibilities. Once you have decided on dream vacancies you would like to pursue overseas, your main job is to create a winning resume that will draw overseas employers' attention. It's not so easy to stand out from other applications, so a modern-looking resume will help to land a job. For the people of art, a creative resume is a great solution as well.

2. Home Sweet Home

Finding the right place to live is crucial for a family. Consider all the details (distance to work and school proximity). If you already know where to live, think of comfort for your kids. Decide together what things you will bring with you in order to create a cozy atmosphere – toys, books, clothing, games, blankets or other decorations. It will give a sense of familiarity for everyone. Evoke their excitement of a new home – find some interesting places or research some interesting facts about the new city.

It is also very important to take care of such details as taxing in the new country. By the way, you should find out whether your employer helps with moving process or not.

3. Paperwork First

If your employer will help you with all the required documents, it will be much easier for you. But if you are supposed to do all the paperwork by yourself, it's highly advisable to prepare them in advance. Visa question is very important because requirements vary from one country to another. Reach the country's embassy in order to get all the information on Visa for you and for your children.

4. Study, Learn, Teach

Education for children is of paramount importance. Monica Hill, a loving mom and a career coach at resume writing service, shares her experience: “Find a perfect school for your kids and get in touch with school faculty prior to your arrival. Try to establish new contacts with other parents. Learn all the details about deadlines, application submission, and other enrollment procedures. If you move in summer, the great idea will be school summer camp. It is the perfect opportunity for your children to make new friends.”

Extra school activities also matter. Once again, it will be the best way to make lots of friends, to adjust to a new place and to distract yourself. Drama or art class, dance club will ensure child personal growth.

5. Language Barrier

If English is not native to people in the country you move to, be ready to overcome a language barrier. It's impossible to learn a language in a few months, but you, as well as your children, have to acquire basic conversational skills. Start learning the language immediately. If you feel that it is way too difficult for you, take some language classes. Small kids are very adaptable, so it will be much easier for them to learn. If you have older children, pay attention – they are not so flexible and it's better to attend classes together.

6. New Horizons

Moving abroad is a lifetime experience. This adventure will broaden the horizons of each family member. But to make it more exciting, research new country together, find interesting facts and find places and cities you would like to visit. It will spark kids' interest and will make the transition thrilling. It will be beneficial for you to explore the country's culture, customs, cuisine and other peculiarities of life there.

7. Help the Whyer

There is no doubt that your kids will ask you a bunch of different question. Give them this chance; your task is to keep patience and answer questions, each of them. Be honest and don't make any grand promises. It's necessary for children to understand your life-changing plans. You will take them away from everything and everyone they know and love, so it's crucial to explain all the details.

​​8. Like Two Sides of the Same Coin

The whole moving process can cause a lot of children's concerns. You have to support them and to involve in the discussion of the smallest details about moving. Try to keep a sense of excitement and encourage every family member.

9. Take and Give in Return

You have to realize that you will deprive your kids from close friends, relatives, a school they love. And now you have to figure out how to give them something in return. Listen to your children needs. No one knows it better than they do. So, try to turn their wishes into reality. Also, let them be part of the moving process and let them make their own decisions.

​10. Keep the Contact

Children have a robust social network and they will want to spend more time with their friends. Invite them for a sleepover and encourage them to come around and help with packing stuff. A big leaving party is a must for all family and especially for kids.

Afterward, it's necessary to keep constant contact with people you are leaving. You can maintain strong ties through social media. Modern technologies allow us to always stay engaged. Making regular video sessions on Skype, calls and exchanging photos will soften the transition.

11. On the Same Wavelength

Help your children to realize the advantages of your relocation. Third culture kids will be raised in other culture than their parents. Encourage them to get acquainted with new culture and traditions and make new friends. It will help them to immerse into a new culture as fast as possible because they absorb everything that surrounds them.

12. From the Bottom of Your Heart

The moving process is very stressful and painful. Your task as a parent is to give extra attention to your kids. Spend as much time as possible together. Express understanding and provide them with parental love and support. At these difficult times, they need you like never before.

As you can see, moving abroad with kids is not so daunting as it seems at first glance. Express your fondness and support. Let your kids know that their decisions matter as much as yours. By implementing these strategies, you will manage to turn the relocation into the lifetime experience for you and your family!


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