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Tips to Keep the Water Tank Cool During the Summer Season

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In Dubai, the temperature during summers rises to 51°. People hide away from the scorching sun and sit inside their house. In some parts of Dubai where there are old buildings, water tanks are installed on the rooftops of buildings. This water which is stored in the tank is supplied to all the houses through pipes connected to different water outlets. But in summers, these water tanks are exposed to the sun for even longer hours which makes it impossible to use the water directly from the tap.

Here are some tips to keep the water tank cool during the summer season:

  • Paint your water tank white: One of the most effective ways to keep your water tank cooler is by painting the tank white inside as well as outside. This will absorb less heat as compared to dark colors which will retain heat and the water inside will be much hotter.  Light-colored paint will also stop the growth of bacteria and algae within the container along in helping to maintain the temperature of underground water tanks. If you want the paint to last longer, use pure exterior acrylic paints.

  • Install the water tank in an enclosed space: The position of the tank plays a significant role in maintaining the water temperature. Sunlight being the main problem, it is advised to locate the tank in an enclosed place or a shady spot around it. If you don’t want to face the hassle of relocation, then create a shade where the tank is placed. This will help the water tank to be cool and increase the lifespan of the tank. As the materials used inside the tank are made of plastic and fiber which degrades if exposed to the sun for long hours. 

  • Insulate all water supply pipes: This will also help maintain the temperature of the water tank – simply insulate all the water supply pipes of your home. The use of pipe sleeves forms foam which helps to prevent the heat from reaching the water that is passing through the pipes. This will keep your water tanks cool during the hot summer days.

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