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iPhone is one of our most prized possession. It is one of the most popular tech devices and people are crazy about it. Everyone wants to have the latest technology and work very hard to own it. After all, the gadget is worth all your money.

However, when it comes to its maintenance, people do not have much knowledge about it. Maintenance is necessary for the prolonged life of your iPhone. Of course, nobody would want to get his or her hard-earned money to get wasted due to carelessness.  Here are some tips that you should follow for the physical maintenance of your iPhone so that it works well for a long time.

  • Keep the charging port clean: If your iPhone is not getting charged properly, something is surely wrong with the charging port. Check for any type of clogging in the charging port. To remove the junk, you can take the help of a toothpick or the SIM card removal tool. Make sure that you do not end up damaging the contact points of the port in over-enthusiasm.

If this trick does not work, try compressed air. Hold a can of compressed air close enough to the charging slot, and a quick blast will remove all the sticky debris.

If you are unable to clean the charging port, take services of Phone repair in Cardiff.

  • Clean speaker and microphone: It is important to clean the microphone and speaker of your iPhone. Otherwise, it can affect the quality of call, music, and you will not be able to control Siri properly. Take a toothbrush with soft bristles, and gently clean both the openings to remove the dust. After it uses tape and presses it over the required are to lift the dust away. Remember not to use compressed air as it can damage membranes of microphones and speakers.
  • Always clean your phone: since we carry a phone everywhere, they get super dirty and full of germs. Apple recommends cleaning your phone at regular intervals of time. Use soft and lint-free cloth. Make sure that water does not enter any port. Remember not to use abrasive, as iPhone has a fingerprint-resistant coating that is oil repellent.
  • Take care of the battery: If you work on your iPhone all day, it is sure that your battery will not last the whole day. The situation deteriorates when your battery turns old. One way to deal with the problem is to recalibrate the battery of your iPhone at regular intervals. This can increase the overall lifespan of your battery. iPhone repair services in Cardiff solve the battery problems of your phone efficiently, giving you full customer satisfaction.
  • Create more storage space: Some people have a habit of taking many photographs and are very active on all social media platforms. This fills up the storage space quickly. Therefore, spend some time to clean your phone's data repeatedly.  Delete unwanted media files, unwanted applications, and offline files regularly.
  • Back up your data: everybody knows the importance of backing up data. Imagine yourself in a situation when your phone breaks down, and you end up losing all your important data. Two ways of backing up iOS are using iCloud and iTunes.  You can also use a third party application for this.

Therefore, be very careful with your iPhone and iPad. Take proper care so that they work for a long period. IPad repair services in Cardiff are specialists in the repair of the iPhone and iPad. They solve all the problems related to batteries, screen replacements, and charging ports.


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